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Rules of Self-Presentation at the Interview

Rules of Self-Presentation at the Interview

You’ve been waiting for this invitation for so long and here it is! Finally, recruiters from a company you want to be hired at paid attention at your resume and desire to see you. But most of us start being worried about the interview before it comes andpicturing the meeting. Moreover, we even imagine how we fail and it’s the right method to direct oneself in the wrong way. prepared a few important tips to help you to cope with the interview successfully and get this position. Keep on reading!

6 Tips on How to Make the Impression on a Recruiter at the Interview

Sometimes it’s so hard to concentrate on the right things at the interview and you can’t even answer simple questions. First of all, you have to remember that you’re a confident specialist who came to get a job. You don’t have to be afraid of a recruiter because it’s an ordinary person sitting in front of you. She or he also has some fears and doubts, that’s why you’re on one side. Follow these rules for self-presentation and you’ll definitely impress an employer:

1. Learn to introduce yourself

You have to train before the interview and conduct a little research on how your speech sounds. Introducing yourself is an essential part of it and you have to prepare very well to make the first impression. You have to start with your name and make a recruiter remember it. Besides, you must find some personal information about an interviewer. Learn his or her name too and repeat it for a few times at the meeting. You can even mention it when you’ll introduce yourself. For example, the recruiter says: Hello, my name is Peter. And you’ll have to answer: Hi, Peter. I’m glad to meet you. My name is Georgia. Psychologists say that the most desired word a person likes to hear is the name. Use this rule but don’t overdose with it.

2. Appropriate dressing

Your clothes shouldn’t take the entire attention and make a bigger impression than a conversation. Don’t choose too bright accessories, dresses, suits, etc. Select something neutral to wear. Women shouldn’t put too short skirts on or show their décolleté©, and men shouldn’t choose shorts and sleeveless shirts. Your shoes have to be closed sandals and flip flops aren’t the type of footwear a candidate has to select for the interview.

Your cloth is the part of your personalization and you have to emphasize your individuality excellently. But step aside from extravagant dressing because you can make a wrong impression. It will be good to find out more about the corporate culture of the company and put on something that fits it.

3. Prepare to impress with words

Learn some power words that include win, develop, communicate€, manage€, produce, etc. Use them to tell about your former position and prepare to support them with facts. You will have to impress an employer with your achievements and brilliant experience. Don’t be too shy to tell about what you’ve done and how you increased the production level of your department, for example. Remember that there’re candidates who are ready to show their results and be proud of them. Tell everything about your achievements.

4. Ask questions

Employers like when candidates ask questions about the company. It is the signal you’re interested in this job and you really want to become a member of their team. Ask about the company, your duties, time-table, corporate life, study, etc.

5. Body language

You have to be open and friendly but not shy. Don’t demonstrate closed positions like crossed arms or legs during the interview. You also shouldn’t invade into someone’s space. The best way is to relax and be confident.

6. Previous job

Don’t provide negative comments about your former employer or colleagues. Even if they are true, a recruiter will pay attention to your attitude and behavior. It’s not a good ton to tell about some annoying situations or conversations. Don’t give too much information and you won’t let it play a cruel joke with you.

Final Words

Now you are ready for the interview and the position will definitely be yours in case you follow all the provided rules. Ask someone to train you before the meeting and check if you are ready for it. Dress up appropriately, use the right phrases, watch your body language, and reduce negative comments about a previous job and you will impress a recruiter.


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