Safety Tips for Enjoying Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017

Safety Tips for Enjoying Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017

Everyone is waiting eagerly for the biggest ever celestial show. The Great American Solar Eclipse is truly awe-inspiring and who would not be tempted to see the magnificent cosmic spectacle. However, ophthalmologists and solar astronomers are warning you to be careful about eye protection as a small lapse may lead to blindness. You have to wear eye safety gear to avoid any unpleasant incident. However, at the exact moment of totality, you could see without any protection just for a few moments before the sun reappears.

Take the Eye Damage Warning Seriously

It is really hazardous to see the sun during the solar eclipse. Because of the darkness, you would not be squinting or averting the eyes, thus, there is a chance of an increased intensity of ultraviolet radiation acting on your retina and causing irreparable damage. It is essential for all you sky watchers and lovers of astronomy to take all the necessary precautions so that you have a safe and accident-free Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017. Do not forget that the UV radiation of the sun could burn your retina and permanently damage your eyes and may even cause blindness.

How Never to View Solar Eclipses

According to the authorities at NASA, some materials must never be used for watching a solar eclipse. They are color films, sunglasses, medical X-ray films, floppy discs or smoked glass. The safest way of looking at the sun every time whether during the eclipse or on normal occasions, is to filter or project the rays of the sun.

Eclipse Glasses

You could find eclipse glasses online or you could visit the local space museum or natural history museum or astronomy club and get the right eclipse glasses to view the grand show. Welder’s glasses are, however, recommended by NASA. You could opt for these glasses rated 14 or more. You could consider visiting your nearest welding supply store to buy these glasses. An important thing to note here is that the welder’s glasses come in different grades in different countries.


Projection is pretty effective. You could use binoculars or a telescope or consider making a box projector on your own. Remember not to see through the eyepiece of the telescope or even through the finder scope while the sun’s image is being projected onto a screen.

Solar Filters

Solar filters are safe for watching the solar eclipse but make sure that they are designed precisely for the eclipses. You must make sure that the solar filter does not end up cracking due to the sun’s focused and magnified intensity. You must take good care of the solar filters otherwise they could get damaged and become unsafe for use.

Instructions for Using the Safety Gear Properly

  • Always examine the solar filters meticulously and look for scratches or any signs of damage. When in doubt, discard the solar filter and get a fresh one.
  • Look at the bright sun only with a solar viewer or proper eclipse glasses.
  • Never see the partially eclipsed sun through any unfiltered camera, binoculars, telescope, or any other optical device.


Remember you could consider removing your solar filters for a few moments when the sun is totally covered by the moon and when there is darkness everywhere. However, use the solar viewer immediately when you find light streaking in through the envelope of darkness around you. Wear the solar viewer during the partial eclipse phases. Follow all safety rules and make the most of the grandest cosmic show. This could be a never before experience for you.

Roger Dylan is an astronomy enthusiast and runs his own blog. He is pretty excited about the Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017 just like all of us. His blog posts are all about the total solar eclipse and relevant information regarding it.


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