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Sarahbeth Hartlage Suggests Simple Solutions for Maintaining Wellness During Covid-19

Sarahbeth Hartlage Suggests Simple Solutions for Maintaining Wellness During Covid-19

Contracting the novel coronavirus is our biggest threat but staying healthy despite protecting us from the disease or infection is another big challenge. The massive disruptions in our lifestyle caused by the several health advisories like home isolation and physical distancing while maintaining high hygiene standards are becoming too much stress to cope with. The constant fear and unhappiness in our lives are causing more distress and driving people into depression as they struggle to find out the best ways of dealing with extraordinary situations. It affects our wellness and wellbeing, but the guidance of Sarahbeth Hartlage about how to mitigate the stress and lead a healthy life will give us the courage to tide over the crisis confidently by adopting a new lifestyle. 

The various changes and shifts in our daily lives prove quite stressful, which increases many more times when we think about future uncertainties. 

To keep yourself healthy and stress-free, the tips discusses here should be helpful.

Follow a routine – advice from Sarahbeth Hartlage

The daily routine that we follow provides rhythm to our lives that inspire us to move ahead. Unfortunately, the restrictions of lifestyle have upset that routine that controlled our daily activities. Suddenly we face a void, have too much free time, and do not know how to arrange our lives by adjusting to the new situation. Our inability to figure out how to use so much free-time tends to make us lose direction of our lives, and we drift about aimlessly, which makes us more sad, unhappy, and depressed. To overcome the problem, accept the new normal and create a new routine so that you can engage in various activities during the day and find enough reasons to spend your time in meaningful ways. Following the routine will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of the day, which will improve your mental wellness. 

Stress reduction

The stress build-up is quite usual during difficult times because it is the body’s normal reaction to adverse situations. But finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety is most critical as it improves your wellness and wellbeing. When creating the routine of daily activities, include brief stoppages or breaks when you can relax and unwind. It will break the monotony and encourage you to continue with what you were doing. Minimize your exposure to information and news that flow from all directions. During the brief breaks from work, walk around a little and look at things that seem exciting, but you did not care to pay attention earlier. Stay relaxed by listening to music, do some gardening, or flip through some magazines that refresh your mind.

Exercise and sleep

Staying physically active will reduce stress, and daily exercises are quite rejuvenating while aiding fitness. Do some simple exercises that do not require any aids or resources for 15-20 minutes a day. Aerobic exercises, including dancing and Zumba, are excellent for maintaining physical fitness while keeping you cheerful.   

Sleep well at night so that you wake up the next morning as fresh as a daisy.


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