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Scarves- The Perfect Way to Accessorize

Scarves- The Perfect Way to Accessorize

Scarves are an accessories that can help spice up your dressing style. With all the choices it is easy to get confused as to what scarf to use. Here are a few tips to make your choices a bit easier. If you understand the fundamentals, it can transform your look from monotonous to glamorous.

Scarf during Winter Months

Wear a Heavier Scarf during Winter Months

Heavy scarves are not difficult to pull off. Not only do they add to your comfort, but they will keep your warm during the winter months. Look for scarves that comes in wool, cashmere or fleece, as they could be a great option for your attire. Colors like beige, orange, red, and brown add to your look during winter season. Try out rectangular scarves with a solid coloured outfit and pair it with a thin belt.

Scarves For Summer Months

Choose Short Scarves For Summer Months

Look for light textured scarves during the summer months. Cotton, silk and linen are great choices for the summer season. Pick bright colours to bring out the playful spirit in you. Try wearing the scarf like a long bow. This is perfect for corporate a corporate look.

Longer Scarf For Casual Wear

Go For a Longer Scarf For Casual Wear

These are a perfect choice, when you are in a rush, adding a chic casualness. Printed infinity scarves can be paired with jeans, tees, cardigan and suits. If you are in a party mood try wearing infinity scarves for a conversation piece. Oranges, reds, greens, and yellows are youthful colors. They will add to your light heartedness.

Light Scarf for a Formal Occasion

Choose a Light Scarf for a Formal Occasion

A sheer scarf looks elegant in a subtle color like beige and gives you a look of formality during business meetings. Pashmina scarves can be worn during formal meetings.

Wear a Glittery scarf to create a great Style Statement

Try out a scarf with glitz, color and shimmer if you wish to stand out in the crowd and look glamorous while partying with friends.


Wear a Light Scarf for a Business Meeting

Go for a rectangle or a square in fabrics like silk or cotton. The color should be subtle for office or schools. Blue, grey, are perfect for office and give you a professional touch.

Keep Basics in Stock

You should include every solid color in your wardrobe if you are a scarf-lover. If you have them stocked you will always find the perfect match for your outfit.


Matching ones Skin Tone

As scarf reflects your skin tones. The wrong color can make you look clumsy. The right color will add to your youthfulness.

Accessorize your Scarf

Purchase a fun cuff or a studded earring. You can also go for pendants. These are DIY scarf accessories you must try out.

Want to know more? Here you can get a proper idea of what to wear and what to do and not do.

Hope this helps you pick your right scarf.


Fashion and High Society

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