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SeaWorld Orlando Park Guide

SeaWorld Orlando Park Guide

Florida’s hot summer days are unbearable if you’re just walking around in the sun, but as soon as you step into the shade or enter a pool, it just seems like a summer paradise. Heading to Orlando’s iconic SeaWorld during the scorching summer days can be really refreshing, but you’ll need to know a few handy tips that elevate the experience to a whole new level.

Here Are the 5 Things You Need To Know Before Heading To SeaWorld:

1-  Things You Need To Prepare Before Going

It’s extremely important to carry around an ID card or any other form of identification when heading to SeaWorld, as you will be asked to show it at the gate to enter. People have been denied access to the park due to forgetting their IDs, so make sure you don’t forget. SeaWorld also offers you the option of buying a quick queue pass that allows you to get royal treatment every time you head to specific rides/shows. If you hate waiting in the heat, you should consider getting one of these to improve your SeaWorld experience.

2-  Try To Arrive As Early As Possible

With so many different shows, rides, and activities happening all day, arriving early can affect how much you can do during the day. You should plan your trip around the time that SeaWorld opens its gates (which is around 9:30 AM) as the gates close at 5:00 PM so you’ll want to get there as soon as possible to fit in feeding the sea lions, going on all the rides, and catching one of the performances. Remember to account for how long it’s going to take you to get there so you’re not late!

3-  Book Your Tickets Ahead Of Time

If you want to have a convenient trip, then book your tickets a while before you’re going to go. Purchasing tickets at the gate can end up in a long wait that could be avoided if you purchase SeaWorld Tickets at Orlando attractions or any other website that offers SeaWorld. If you’ve bought your tickets online, you just head straight into the park without any interference. This also helps you get good deals whenever they come around instead of paying full price at the gate.

4-  Be Prepared To Face The Sun

As mentioned before, Florida’s summer heat is intense. You don’t want to be caught without any sunscreen as that’s a guaranteed sunburn heading your way. Prepare yourself with caps, sunscreen, and sunglasses before you face the blazing sun.

5-  Attractions & Activities You Can’t Miss While You’re There

SeaWorld contains the experience of multiple different seas all around the world. You can’t miss the shark tanks, the penguins or the cute tiny otters in the Sea of Delight. There’s even a Sea of Fun specifically for younger children!

Knowing a lot of information about SeaWorld helps you have a better experience, especially if it’s going to be your first time visiting. Knowing important details like how you can only bring water with you because no outside food/drinks are allowed inside helps you prepare for the exciting trip ahead of you without facing unexpected surprises.


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