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Secret Gmail Abilities That Everyone Should Know

Secret Gmail Abilities That Everyone Should Know

Gmail is one of the most popular and amazing mailing services. Even if you work with it for a long time, it can still surprise you. That is why even those who think they are Gmail professionals will find out some hidden features and tricks of this service from our article. 

Let’s dive in!

Ignore Notifications from Group Correspondence

There are always some people who abuse the “Reply all” function and use it inappropriately, sending the reply to one or more of the group members. When one of these smart people discusses something with others, everyone else’s inbox is in chaos.

And it is very easy to get rid of the crumbling notifications that you don’t care about at all. It is enough to muffle them through the menu “More” → “Ignore.” Letters will be received without additional distractions.

Mark Letters by Right Clicking

The panel above the message list contains buttons for various actions, and they are really convenient for processing multiple messages. But when you need to archive or mark a certain message, reaching for the buttons on the panel is an unacceptable waste of time.

For these purposes, it is much easier to make a habitual right click on the necessary message and choose the action from the context menu.

Use Authentication

Spammers and various scammers often abuse the trust of users and give out their emails for messages from banks, payment systems, and other large services. 

Moreover, even the official websites sometimes are messaging us too often. You can look carefully at the address of the sender, check the content of each, even irrelevant, letter, or you can just use the function of authentication. 

Enable this feature in the settings (section “Laboratory” → “Verified message icon”). After this, all letters from large online stores and credible services like EssayPro will be marked with a character key and the sender’s name you will see in green.

Use the Preview Panel

By default, the website displays all letters in a list and opens it immediately when one of them is selected. When you need to process a large number of messages, this approach is not useful. Fortunately, you can use the preview panel, which allows browsing the content of emails and the list of messages at the same time.

This function is inactive initially, but it is easy to enable it in the settings in the “Lab” section.

Add Bookmarks to Messages and Searches

If you need to go back to a particular chain of emails and searches from time to time, it is very convenient to use the Quick Links feature. It adds a block of links to the sidebar that lets you instantly go to specific messages or search queries.

Quick links are also included in the already familiar Lab section. Emails or queries are added to the block on the sidebar via the “Add Quick Link” button.

Switch Between Accounts from the Address Bar

This one is more of a trick that is just good to know. If you have multiple accounts, you can switch between them by clicking on the profile icon. But there is another way.

Note the URL of your inbox displayed in your browser. See the number after /u/? This is the account number. The default box is 0; the others are 1, 2, 3, and so on. Just change the number in the link and get to the right account.

Highlight Your Personal Messages

You can filter letters with multiple recipients from those sent to you personally. This way, you can be less distracted by unimportant letters. 

This is possible thanks to the Personal Email Icons feature, which is included in the settings in the General section.

Once enabled, all incoming messages will be marked with ” for mailing and > for personal letters. Simple and efficient.

End Remote Sessions for Security Purposes

If you use this service on multiple computers and often forget to log out of your account, you will need to be able to terminate all active sessions remotely. This will keep your emails safe from other people’s eyes.

Click on the “More information” link in the main Gmail window and see which devices you recently used your email from. Clicking the Exit All Other Sessions button, you will finish all active sessions except the current one. So it is okay if you forget to log out on your office computer again. 

Configure the Sidebar for Yourself

Don’t like the location of the shortcuts on the side panel, or do you want to add your own? No problem. The settings have a section dedicated to shortcuts. Go there and change everything as you like.

The options allow you to hide or delete unnecessary shortcuts and customize the functions. For example, you may enable the option to show a shortcut only when there are new emails with it. 

By taking a few minutes to set up, you can put your sidebar in perfect order.

Gmail is the most popular messaging service in the world. At the same time, many users, working with it for years, do not know about the good half of the useful features. 

That is why we hope this article helped you to learn something new and improve your digital skills.


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