Selecting the Stylish Winter Hats for Style-Conscious Women – The Best Picks of the Season

Selecting the Stylish Winter Hats for Style-Conscious Women – The Best Picks of the Season

Winter is when most women want to change their style quotient, experiment with their outer layers, and appear stylish. Some of the popular winter essentials for women are a statement coat, a cashmere sweater, and a cozy scarf. And when you add a winter hat to your attire, it can add more glamor to your persona. 

If you browse through some of the best womens western hats, you will come across a wide range of winter hats. Luckily, there are several stylish choices available today. But before we delve into that, let’s consider a few guidelines. 

The guidelines for winter hats

Selecting the ideal winter hat goes beyond selecting the correct fit. You can follow some easy steps that can help you decide better. 

  • Choose a fabric with the flair

Every woman deserves credit for managing harsh winter weather. Hence, you need to check for hats that are made with luxe fabrics, like fine merino wool and cashmere. You need to consider the mixed textures like the faux fur lining or sheepskin that brings warmth and glamour. 

  • Get creative with colors

If you choose a neutral tone or black color, you need to try a couple of new things. You might want to sport a vibrant orange pom-pom hat and add a splash of colors to bring some excitement with the monochromatic look. 

  • Play with the proportion

When you want to choose a winter hat, you shouldn’t be scared to experiment with styles. And that doesn’t indicate that you sport the wrong size. It’s always best to use a hat size guide to ensure you get the correct fit. And if you generally sport a snug cuff beanie that covers your ears, you can opt-in for a slouchy beanie and wear it atop the ears. On the other hand, when you opt-in for short brim hats, you can choose a wide-brim topper. 

The hat styles for women this winter

Even during an extremely cold weather, the correct winter hat can brighten up your day. Here are some of the best picks for this winter:

  • Winter beanie

It could be that the most popular winter hat style, which is available in every color, fabric, and shape, is the beanie, which every woman should have as a winter hat. It’s best suited for women for large and petite frames and versatile enough for various occasions. These hats can be highly playful. If you want to add a little bit of fun to your winter wear, you can opt-in for a ribbed pom-pom beanie and pair it with your best sweater. And if you want to add a bit of extravagance, you can pair the beanie with a cashmere sweater. 

  • The Beret

Similar to the beanies, a beret is a soft and brimless hat that complements every woman. It usually gets made from crocheted cotton, wool, or even acrylic. But unlike the beanies, the berets fail to cover the wearer’s ears. Hence, it’s a great idea to compensate the same using a faux fur collar or a chunky knit scarf so that you stay warm. 

You can wear this hat any way you want to – for instance, you can place it in the middle, tilt it on one side and even wear it backward. You can pair the hat with a plaid skirt, cable-knit sweater, black leggings, and a tweed coat if you want to sport a funky look to spend some time with your friends. 

  • The wool Fedora

If you want the perfect accessory for the winter, then you can always count on the wool felt fedora. And if you think it’s otherwise, then you might be confusing this hat with the trilby that most people do. The hat brings with it a center crease, soft brim, and classic pinches on both sides. Hence, the wool fedora will add a spark to your winter attire. 

You can combine the floppy fedora with your oversized sweater, leggings, and comfortable winter boots for the best daytime look. You also have the option to pair the wide-brim fedora with your knee-high boots, plush coat, and even a winter dress for a glamorous look. 

  • The aviator hats

If you sport an aviator hat, it suggests that it’s wintertime. Even though the winter hats get made from original animal fur, you can always choose to be cruelty-free and opt for a faux fur version as that will keep you warm. Usually, sporting an aviator hat is an acquired taste for many. It proves to be a classic head warmer for several people. It’s also called a trapper hat, and it’s known for its ear flaps, which can be hanging, tied up, or folded back. You can tie the ear flaps back if you wish to have a streamlined look. Last but not least, you can pair it with your dark-wash denim, ribbed turtleneck, and faux mink jacket. 

Every woman loves to dress up in style and look their best. If you want to make style and fashion your best friend this winter season, you can choose the chic hats mentioned above. 


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