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Self-employed success: tips for working from home

Self-employed success: tips for working from home

Working for yourself can give you a significant amount of freedom that might not be found when in employment for someone else. You may be able to choose what you do, and when you do it. However, being in control of your working day can also involve a great deal of responsibility. Failure to adequately manage your time, money, and working practices could see you without enough income to get by. Therefore, using a number of tips to help you work more productively could be ideal.

Start saving immediately

You can be tempted to allow yourself a few treats when you start to work for yourself. While rewarding yourself for setting up your venture can be a good idea, you may not want to spend all of the money you make that first month. Setting up a savings account here can allow you to put money aside for a rainy day. This may mean that, should another month be less than fruitful, you don’t need to fall behind on your other payments.

Saving using an ISA can be a great idea for those whose money tends to fluctuate. This can give you the freedom to gain tax-free interest, but also deposit an amount that suits you. If your profits waver, you can save more or less, depending on your other needs.

Schedule your time

When working for yourself it will be up to you to manage the hours of your day. This might sound simple, to begin with, but it can come with a number of challenges. Some people may find that, especially when working from home, it is all too easy to go and do other things. While it may be tempting to clean the home or watch television, you may need to keep in mind that this is still your workday. Finding ways to minimise procrastination can help you to remain focused and generate your income. Keeping track of meetings, appointments, and deadlines can also help you to keep your sights on your work.

Look after yourself

Although there are a number of freedoms you may enjoy when working for yourself, it can also be rather isolating. Working from home all day may mean that you feel trapped within those walls, or that home doesn’t provide you with the same sense of relaxation as it once did. At the same time, you may also feel cut off from other people. Due to this, you may want to consider implementing some strategies that make you feel less alone, such as working alongside a friend, utilising public spaces, and even getting out for a bit of self-care.

Working for yourself can allow you to better celebrate your successes and make changes as you see fit. Within this, you might want to consider how you can make working from home really meet your needs. This can involve changing the way you manage your finances, use your time, and even the level of thought you give to your physical and mental wellbeing.


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