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Seniors in the Square Keep Busy With an Array of Activities

Seniors in the Square Keep Busy With an Array of Activities

It’s reassuring to know that New Yorkers care about their growing senior population. This is well-represented in the slew of activities and community events continually held and targeted at our aging brothers and sisters. According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2015, 13.2 percent of the city’s population was 65 and older, up from about 11.9 percent in 2005. Overall, New York City’s senior population is growing faster than its population of younger individuals. One reason New York City is getting older is that the city is revered as an excellent place to age. The Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging report, for example, ranked New York City as the 14th best large metro area for seniors overall and the 4th best for seniors over age 80. That is out of 100 large metro areas in the country. A new study from Sperling’s BestPlaces also ranks the city at number 8 in the country for seniors. So, how are New York seniors spending their fruitful days of retirement?

On-Site Activities Are Plentiful

Stacy and Norris Webster have lived in a townhouse at West Brighton for over 60 years. Until Norris started experiencing nerve pain, he would happily retreat to his third-floor apartment where he could write undisturbed. However, the stairs have become increasingly difficult for Mr. Webster to use daily. The fact is that adults are living longer, not only due in large part to advances in healthcare, but also because seniors are determined to stay active, both mentally and physically, as they grow older. Most assisted and independent facilities in the city offer a full calendar of programs and events to keep their inhabitants on their toes. Residents’ lives are enhanced, and some nursing home activities even include modern wellness amenities that are not only pleasurable but extremely practical and safe.

Getting Out And About

Gone are the days when a senior individual was confined to sitting stoically in front of a TV set all day. There many options for getting out in the city and enjoying life and all it has to offer to its fullest. NYC Parks, for example, has a wonderful menu of arts, culture, and sports activities to engage in. Greenwich House, which is partially funded by the New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA), boasts 4 senior centers that promote healthy and active lifestyles. In addition to regularly scheduled weekly programming featuring art, music, and exercise classes, each center fills their monthly calendars with special events. Another plus is every weekday; each center serves a hot lunch that meets the DFTA’s nutritional requirements.

This guide not only lists all points of interest but also provides key information for each place, such as disability access and assistance, vision, and senior discounts, so there is a sampling of places to visit and activities to keep you inspired and engaged. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy yourself!

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