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Senstone – Portable Voice Assistant

Senstone – Portable Voice Assistant

Technological progress is inexorable and rapid. We can continue to search for the most convenient interface for our computers, but very soon it may simply be not necessary for anyone. The logic of technology development is steadily leading us to direct natural communication of the person with their wearable assistant. And now such a device has been built – a portable voice assistant Senstone.

Since 2014, we have seen a significant growth in voice technology and AI. It is mainly due to the popularization of voice-controlled smart speakers and the renewed interest in voice assistants on mobile devices. After all, although voice assistants are still not very perfect, the technology of voice recognition and generation remains an innovative direction, captures for consumers and marketers.

Not long ago we could not think that there would be a single virtual assistant, that would be able to satisfy all aspects of our life. The purpose and essence of the work of the first voice assistant is to facilitate the lives of people.When you have a million things to do, a voice assistant is just what you need! Take a break and let artificial intelligence handle that for you.

Senstone will handle any task perfectly and is more convenient than any other device. A modern person is born with the ability to do a hundred things per second. Yes, but sooner or later you get tired. The portable voice assistant comes to the rescue and increase your productivity.

Senstone is fast in the performance of its tasks. With dictation device you can take notes immediately, with the speed of thought. This saves you time and allows you to stay focused on your immediate responsibilities. Sometimes what is faster to say, is difficult and long to write. And time in the 21st century will not buy for any money and will not return. It can only be saved. And this is the main reason for such a frenzied popularity of voice assistants.

Senstone enables you to take notes almost hands-free in the moments when you need to focus. And that’s another reason why we should use voice assistants – they don’t distract .

It would be good to have a personal assistant, even if you do not hold a high position in a large company. Modern technology allows us to use wearable voice assistants, whether invisible or based on our smartphones. The voice assistant performs the work that a person can not perform or simply does not have time to. Portable voice assistant replaces many devices with us. And another huge plus of voice assistants is that they are always close, readily available. With Senstone you can even take notes , create lists when it’s not connected to your smartphone and  when you’re offline.

Voice assistants are spreading rapidly – faster than smartphones and tablets – and are already creating a new culture of media consumption. We will not say with certainty that we will be in the future or in 20 years, but we are ready to evaluate the technological progress that personal voice assistants have created. By the end of the day it will be enough to say what we want and our persoanl assistants will execute it instantly.


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