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SEO Rules That E-commerce Businesses Should Now Ignore

SEO Rules That E-commerce Businesses Should Now Ignore

According to searchenginejournal, search engine optimization is not only about building links and content, but it is also more than that. Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly the only ideal way in which an e-commerce business can bring its services and products in front of their customers. There are several ways in which search engine optimization can impact the performance of e-commerce websites. However, it is important to understand that recently, several changes have stopped affecting how optimization influences e-commerce businesses. Given below is a list of the SEO metrics that should be ignored by e-commerce websites right now. 

Length of the URL

It has been already explained that the length of the URL hardly matters to Google especially if it is under the Http limit of 2083 characters. It was further stated that no rankings have been marked by Google based on the structure of the URL. 

Home pages, category pages, and subcategory pages drive the most organic traffic to the websites. Those pages have shorter URLs as well. Therefore, sometimes the SEO professionals are responsible for linking short URLs with a higher likelihood of ranking. However, this is one of the most meaningless correlations and the metric can also be avoided easily. 

Multiple H1 headings

Having several H1 headings on any page used to be one of the biggest SEO blunders. However, it has been stated that it is no longer a problem anymore. Because of the proliferation of the H1 headings, their significance has decreased. Therefore, when any search engine optimization tool is warning about several H1 headings, it is a good idea to move on. 

302 redirect

The temporary 302 redirects could not affect the Google PageRank which made 301 redirects one of the best options. However, since the year 2016, Google has been responsible for repeatedly stating that 302 redirects are known to work in the same manner as a 301 redirect, thereby passing almost all of the page rank to the destination page. 

Moreover, there is more than one reason to opt for 301 redirects. For instance, a 301 prompt deindexing while the 302 redirects don’t. However, passing link is not one among them. Therefore, this metric is responsible for deserving a slightly better glance. To know more, you can contact the professionals of a reputed SEO marketing firm

Title tag length

Google is responsible for showing the 60 title tag characters within the search results. Therefore, SEO tools are responsible for providing alerts when the titles become longer. However, there is no denying the fact that the e-commerce title tags, which are frequently used, do not fit within 60 characters. Most of the product names are long and the brand signature also has to be added at the end. Besides, the headlines of blogs are also longer and cannot fit within 60 characters. 

The objective should be inserting critical and most important words, which can identify the unique purpose of the page within the first 60 characters so that it becomes easier for the searchers to see them. This is going to increase clicks and alternatively, influence rankings to a great extent. However, you also have to understand that the length of the title tag alone is not going to matter when it comes to organic search rankings. 

Meta description length

A similar scenario also applies to the Meta descriptions. Google is not going to show any Meta description which is more than 920 pixels, within the search result. Also, the Meta descriptions should have 158 characters. A Meta description is one of the most important and relevant parts of the search query. While they do not impact rankings, Meta descriptions are capable of influencing the decision of a searcher to click on the listing.

Google hardly displays the custom Meta description always. This is why it is extremely important to craft ideal Meta descriptions with targeted keywords. Apart from that, Meta descriptions should also include important call-to-actions. The objective should be optimizing the formula for important keywords and not length. 

Text to HTML ratio

An optimal amount of text on any page varies based on the purpose. Most pages on e-commerce sites have little or no text because of the purpose of showcasing product images and links to the product details page. 

For instance, any category page needs to be optimized perfectly within 50 words, while triggering low text to HTML alert from SEO tools. Similarly, any long article can be optimized poorly if the alert is not triggered. The text that is present on any page is not capable of indicating the ability of ranking. 

Internal link quantity

SEO tools will start warning if you start inserting more than a hundred links on every page. However, it is important to understand that e-commerce sites always exceed that number. For example, Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce giants is responsible for linking to almost 319 internal pages on the homepage. Walmart includes 777 internal links. 

Based on the product catalog, you are not going to have any choice other than linking to more than a hundred internal pages only within the header navigation. If it is all about providing a better and positive customer experience, it does not matter as to how many pages are present in the linking structure.

Certain strict rules have been restricting how e-commerce businesses can reach customers. However, it is time to break all these barriers and get past the stringent SEO rules, especially if you want your e-commerce business to succeed. It has been observed that several of the SEO rules can also come in the path of the experience that it provides to the customers. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are taking care of things like:

  • The length of the URL
  • Multiple H1 Headings
  • 302 redirects
  • Title tag length
  • Meta description length
  • Text to HTML ratio
  • Internal link quantity

There is no denying the fact that the search engine optimization tools are constantly measuring numerous variables, however, how much the variables impact the performance is a question. Make sure that you are going through the SEO rules that have been mentioned above to understand whether or not they can be ignored. 

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