September Astrology Brings A New Moon and a Renewal of Hope

September Astrology Brings A New Moon and a Renewal of Hope

The new moon that happens on the 9th is in Virgo. Spiritually, this new moon is all about keeping your intentions pure. Not only is this the time to start something new, but also to solve an old problem, with a simple solution. The new moon comes three days before Jupiter sextiles with Pluto, which offers growth and success. This aspect helps override fears and confusion. This lucky aspect should pay off in a really big way if your heart is pure. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be the most affected.

Virgo: Happy birthday to you!!!! What could be a better present than really knowing who you are? This summer should have put you on a direct path to that answer. As you emerge out of the darkness and into the light, shine your light as a beacon into this world. Your connections with others will open up new mystical channels. Your creativity channels however may be blocked, but if you do not allow these to deter you from your path or those pesky setbacks to detour your way, you will emerge like a knight in shinning armor.

Libra: You are a work in progress right now and this month will seem like more of the same. The difference is, you will be so much more positive than before. Your future, career, where you should be and where you should go will all seem up in the air. The trick is to go with the flow and stay true to self. Relish in the adventure and getting there, will be oh, so fun. Partners will have the answers you seek and can help to clear a path. By the end of this journey, you will not even recognize the old you

Scorpio: You did it you survived the retrogrades and eclipses, which hit your sign directly. Time to take stock of all that progress. Have you considered a new look to go with that new you? Sure, clothes do not make the man or woman, but with a new look comes a new kind of attitude. You are on a spiritual mission, so use your creativity and heart and doors shall open, that before were closed shut. Time to reassess, figure out what is now important and charge forward ahead.

Sagittarius: Onward you go this month. Time to claim your God given rights and charge full speed ahead. You have been stuck for so long, that this may seem daunting, but this summer prepared you for just that. As you viewpoints change and you start to expand, listen to your dreams, intuition, the signs that are right in front of you and your heart. Your angels are right by your side. I know this might seem hard for you, but you have to step out in faith and if you do miracles can happen.

Capricorn: Now that you have been transforming, so has your partner. Do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Communicate, because they just may have the very answers you ache for. Self-discovery, for some couples is meant to be shared, because you each have something that is the key to helping the other fully expand. This is why you came together in the fist place. For those not in a relationship look at what you want to run from and that is the thing you should embrace. Intimate connection will bring that final piece of the puzzle to fruition.

Aquarius: As you recover from the retrogrades and the eclipses of summer, home, health and connection comes into play. During this time you learned where your limitations lie and that past hurts still reside within your heart like a thorn. When you fully resolve these issues and discover their hidden realms, you will better understand your path. To heal you must surrender. You will be traveling a lot, but most of these trips will be of a spiritual nature.

Pisces:  Your mental state has been tested. No where has seemed safe, not even your work which is normally your solace. Your beliefs have been shaken, as have your views of the world at large. As you transform, old patterns seem to haunt your waking moments. Past relationships seem to weigh heavily on your mind. Who did you let go that was a spiritual helper? Who let you go, that was your past love? What is blocking you way? Trust your intuition, communicate your truth straight from the heart and maybe a healing could bring you inner peace.

Aries: This month for you is all about change. You should feel like your whole life is transforming in significant ways. Your creative side is being enhanced. Friendships, plans that you may have, may not be what you thought and may be changing. Expect creative tension at work and in relationships around the 8th. Be mindful about what you are giving your time, energy, and resources to. Not everything is as it seems.

Taurus: Information will come to you from different sources, but hear what they have to say. Summer was hard for you but the fall holds a much better out look for you. You may not want to break your status quo, but if you take a risk, you might just see your dreams start to become realities. You’ll feel almost a mystical approach. Partners may add to this enlightening. Listen to your intuition, as the The new moon will bring you creativity and joy.

Gemini: The planets have and will continue to smile upon you. You have done the work and now you can reap the rewards. Was this new transformation difficult? You will feel renewed and creative this month. Home and family will be taking up space in your heart and mind, but after all that drama security can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Your career seems to be expanding with an all most mystical presence. Go with the flow and do not question this good fortune. Make sure though, that if your intuition speaks… to listen with all your intention. Your angels can’t give you guidance if you don’t listen.

Cancer:  Transformation has been a theme for all signs, but no one more than you. Come out of those shells, because the sun is shinning on you this month. Partnerships, creativity, career and commitment will all be highlighted into winter. Success knows no bounds if you stay centered and in the moment. You are still a work in progress, so look for the stabilizing influences in your life and use them as a life line.

Leo: You were one of those signs who was hit hard this summer by those pesky retrogrades and eclipses. Your mane has been shaken and you need to brush this off and realize you are still the king of the jungle. It may seem this summer was unproductive, but look around and you will see you no longer are just thinking of self, but of the bigger picture. For you connecting with a significant other, or finding that all elusive soulmate is the key to magically opening those doors. Look beyond the things on this earth for your happiness. Look up!


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