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 Serpbook in Tracking of Your SEO Efforts  

 Serpbook in Tracking of Your SEO Efforts  

The internet is with no doubt an amazing platform for a wide range of businesses. Even so, you need to devise the best SEO strategies to stay relevant in this field. You need to carefully measure, evaluate, rank keywords, and understand how your business is doing online. This means creating a highly functional website. Serpbook is an amazing analytics tool that helps you to find and rank keywords. With this, you can know how your page ranks in various search engines.

Serpbook simply allows you to work on effective strategies to improve your overall ranking. This means you will stand a chance to run your business successfully and achieve a cutting edge against relevant competitors. With the tool, you can significantly improve your ranking in a quick and reliable way:

Serpbook features that help you track your SEO efforts

Serpbook Plans and Pricing

Serpbook comes with different plans including Professional, Basic, Ultimate, Extreme, and Enterprise +. Each of these differs in the number of keywords supported, price and the number of domains. However, they all allow you to enjoy daily updates for your backlinks, page ranks and Bing and Google updates among other relevant details.


Serpbook also comes with a highly interactive interface for easy setup. This means that you can easily navigate and complete different applications at the click of a button. For your domains, you can add them, group, and submit keywords to enjoy the best of Serpbook. What’s more, it is easy to monitor and manage different keyword categories with this analytics tool.

What’s even more impressive is that you can view your search results on a chart. For this reason, you can learn more on pages that are performing well even at a later date. With Serpbook, you can always track and evaluate your SEO strategies and efforts on different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google.


When using serpbook, you can efficiently track your SEO efforts and share a category with a client or friend if you wish. This is because you can easily create a link to help your clients understand better about you. At the end of it all, you improve your overall ranking as a result of transparency. Most importantly, you will be better placed to plan and execute an SEO strategy that works best for you and your clients.

Write Notes

You can also track your SEO efforts with Serpbook using notes. This means writing notes that are related to your overall campaigns and keywords. Combine it with historical graphs to determine areas of your campaign that are performing well and those that are underperforming. With such an idea, you can improve on your efforts for the best ranking in search engines.


Serpbook also allows you to use ranking reports with very important information regarding your SEO efforts. You can get a weekly or monthly page rank based on your needs. Often, Excel or PDF report is used containing your logo for enhanced brand visibility.

Timely Notifications

Serpbook ranking tool offers timely notifications. When a keywords rank changes, you will get a notification on mail. This means that you do not have to wait for long to change on your SEO campaign. If your keyword ranks low, you can improve on your strategies to improve your ranking and vice versa.

API Access

With Serpbook, you can also use a customized application process to track different details. You can easily work on a dashboard that suits your needs and extend it to your SEO applications. The tracker comes with great features including

  • Compatibility with different search engines
  • Competitor analysis
  • Developer API
  • Daily tracking
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Email notifications
  • White label reports and solutions among others

By using Serpbook, you also enjoy the best tracking results because it is a fact, mobile friendly and accurate analytics tool. It gives you timely results and you can save a great deal on cash since the program is highly affordable.

A point to note that is that with Serpbook, you can efficiently track local and regional keywords, and Google maps among other applications. The functionality of the tool offers accurate ranking and the positions of your keywords when you need it. It is an ideal solution for e-commerce, blogs, and one-page websites. Even if your webpage has many keywords, Serpbook has been greatly enhanced to cater for your needs. You can start to implement your keywords into the tool and track them within the shortest time possible.

In simple terms, Serpbook is tailor-made to help you track your SEO efforts efficiently. It offers great opportunities as well as insights to help you know the kind of keywords to rank. Keep in mind that at times it can be difficult to get actual keywords that are loved by search engines. In this regard, you will understand better how to work on an SEO campaign that will yield the best results with Serpbook.

Final Thoughts

If you want an SEO tracking tool that fulfils your tracking needs, is the ultimate solution for you. It generates keywords automatically and you can monitor your progress without any limitations.


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