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Seven Characteristics To Look For In Wedding Caterers

Seven Characteristics To Look For In Wedding Caterers

While it’s not the only thing that will make your wedding special and memorable, delicious food is one of the main things that will make your wedding special and memorable. To celebrate the union of two loving individuals with anything besides delectable food, smooth drinks, and tasty dessert would inappropriate; cuisine and beverages enhance the excitement and sophistication of the event in a multitude of ways.

Accordingly, you’re probably aware of just how disastrous a less-than-stellar catering company can be. Missing food, tasteless food, tardiness—all these things and more come with unreliable caterers, and they will most definitely put a damper on what is meant to be a tremendously positive and pleasant experience.

To help you enjoy a top-notch wedding and assure that your guests are as happy as possible, here are seven qualities to look for in reliable caterers!

1. Experience

Experience isn’t the end-all in terms of a caterer’s suitability, but it is very important. The reason it isn’t the end-all is simple: today’s top caterers were, at one point, completely new to the business. If new companies were always turned down because of their inexperience, they’d never develop experience! However, with an occasion as special as your wedding, you probably shouldn’t take a chance on an inexperienced caterer without performing ample research.

Be on the lookout for caterers with not just multiple years of experience, but multiple completed jobs; staying in business is easy, while frequently doing business is not.

2. Dependability

Catering professionals who lack confidence and precision should be avoided. For example, if you ask a caterer what time they’ll arrive at the wedding and they respond by saying that they don’t know, you should look elsewhere. Inversely, a caterer who demonstrates dependability by outlining a clear-cut arrival, cooking, clean-up, and departure schedule is worth learning more about.

This is arguably the most significant quality included on this list. If you’re feeling brave, search “caterer doesn’t show up wedding” online. This happens more than you’d think, and worse than leaving you and your guests with bad food, the situation will leave you and your guests with no food.

And it’s hard to put a positive spin on a food-free wedding. Remember to look for dependability in your caterer!

3. Affordability

Quality catering costs money, but exuberant pricing is usually a sign that the caterer in-question is a bit more concerned with making cash than providing quality cuisine. On the other hand, caterers who charge a fair amount for their services are probably dedicated to making your special night as tasty as possible.

Moreover, the price caterers charge is in many ways an indicator of their respect for clients. Passionate, professional caterers wish to offer their services to as many people as possible; they aim to operate a volume-based business and be part of a sizable number of events. Caterers who opt to work notably fewer events for significantly more money probably aren’t passionate about what they do, and this lack of passion will be apparent in their work.

4. Attentiveness

Inattentive caterers are much more likely to make mistakes at your wedding, and it’s hard to be completely satisfied with the wrong foods (wrong in terms of being different from what guests ordered), undercooked foods, and/or missing staff members. Attentive caterers will produce attentive work, and that means your ordered food, style of cooking, and other catering needs will be noted and adapted to.

And pinpointing the attentiveness (or lack thereof) of a caterer isn’t particularly challenging. Companies like Honeywed Wedding Catering, for instance, are attentive in everything they do, from recording your specifications to offering helpful suggestions based on these specifications, as well as a whole lot else in between.

5. Kindness

This quality might come as a surprise, but the truth is that kindness is an ultra-valuable characteristic for a caterer to have. You and your partner are going to have to meet, communicate, and work with your caterer before and during your wedding; if these individuals are rude, unkind, and/or mean, the entire process will become that much harder.

More than this, your wedding is supposed to be a celebration—not an endurance exercise. Be sure to seek kindness in your caterer.

6. Reputation

If a caterer’s reputation in the local community and on the internet is solid, the chances of your receiving stress-free and decadent food will increase exponentially. Some reviews today are fake—they’re often placed by competing companies—and not every customer is perfectly reasonable. However, if a caterer’s reputation is completely bad, it might be worth selecting another professional or company to provide the food for your wedding.

A caterer can’t please all the people all the time, but if they don’t please any people at any time—well, that’s a major red flag!

7. Responsiveness

Even if your wedding is perfectly planned, there’s a good chance that something small will go wrong—particularly in terms of your catering. Guests deciding to switch meals, attempting to substitute portions of their meal, sending parts of their meal back, and more are distinct possibilities.

Responsive caterers—those that seem able to adapt to unexpected trials—will be best able to deal with these and other unforeseen issues and save the night. Each guest’s happiness will impact the overall mood and atmosphere of your wedding, and a responsive caterer will help to boost the former and, in turn, the latter.

If a caterer possesses all these positive characteristics, it’s probable that your wedding’s meals will be prepared and delivered without a hitch, and that great food and drink will be accompanied by great times. And at any special occasion, it’s hard to ask for more than good company, food, and experiences.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the beauty, fun, and excitement of weddings!


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