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Shopping For a Flow Meter? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

Shopping For a Flow Meter? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

Liquid and gas flow testing is important in both industrial and residential settings. Whether you are a residential owner or you are running a factory, it is important to appreciate the importance of accurate measurement of the liquid and gas volumes on your property. Flow measurement helps to know how much liquid is being used in order to plan better.

By measuring the amount of gas and liquid, you are also able to cut wastage and identify any areas where leakages might be causing financial loss. From water, petrol, gas, lubricants, and alcohol solvents among other industrial liquids, a flow meter will help you know how much you are using.

It helps you plan for future usage and increase storage if need be. Measuring the flow of liquids to and from your industry or residential property can also enhance safety by ensuring only the required volumes are being allowed into your storage or the piping.

Shopping for Flow Meters

If you are looking for a flow gauge or a flow indicator as it is referred to in some industries, it is important to find the right device for your application. While all flow meters serve the same purpose of accurately monitoring and controlling flow, there are many variations of the same devices in the market.

To ensure you buy the right device, consider the following factors:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Different flow meters in the market are suited for different functions. Every company has its own needs; for instance, you might be more interested in calculating the speed of the flow while someone else will be more interested in knowing the actual volume going through the piping.

Are you measuring gas or liquid?Are you interested in minimum or maximum flow rates?Does fluid temperature and viscosity matter? What pressure drop is allowable? These are just some of the questions you should ask to determine the best flow gauge to buy.

  1. Types Of Flow Meters

You have a wide range of flow meters to choose from, each with its own features, pros and cons.Among the most common devices in the market are differential pressure flow meters, coriolis flow meters, magnetic flow meters, energy flow meters, turbine flow meters, positive displacement devices, and thermal flow meters among others.

  1. Brand

Make sure you only buy premium devices from a reputable brand. This will take some research but you will be rewarded with the right choice of flow measurement device. A good device should have an accuracy guarantee, durable construction, versatile reading on the display, and multiplefunctions among other features.

  1. Technical Support

Make sure you confirm about availability of after sales services from a local dealer. If this is not possible, confirm whether the supplier has a reliable customer support team on call any time you need their assistance.

Flow meters are very important in reducing wastage by increasing accuracy in flow measurement. There are different devices using cutting-edge technology to guarantee the accuracy of the measurements. With this guide, you can now make an informed choice when comparing flow meters in the market.

Jack Smiths is an engineering consultant based in New York. He specializes in flow meter systems and writes consumer guides on his blog. Jack lives with his family in the city. Visit his blog here for more information.


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