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Should You Get a Turbo Charger for Your Car?

Should You Get a Turbo Charger for Your Car?

The constantly rising fuel economy in the modern word is quite worrying. It has compelled many car manufacturers to rely on turbo chargers again and again. The aim is to makes the cars are as fuel efficient as possible.

A turbo charger enables the creation of a smaller engine that uses less fuel. You will realize such benefits mostly when your car is idling or stop-and-go traffic. A turbo charger comes in to provide extra power as the situation demands.  

What does that mean therefore? Should you get them? Well, the choice depends entirely on your understanding of how these components can serve you. You need to determine where or not they are reliable.

Apart from reliability, how much will it cost you in terms of maintenance and for how long can they serve you? And before you buy one, there are things that you may need to look out for. What is it that makes a particular turbo charger fit and efficient for your automobile? These are all important things that will make your choice easier and better.

Before we look as these factors, it is important to understand what a turbo charger does in your car. What is it and how does it operate?

What is a turbocharger?

This is component that is attached to the vehicle exhaust to provide extra-power. A turbocharger is designed with an intake and an exhaust. It features a shaft, which spins to enable the rotation of turbines found on both ends.

There is one turbine attached to the exhaust and another attached to the intake. These turbines rotate as a result of exiting hot exhaust gasses.

The shaft serves as the intermediary that transfers the rotation to the intake fans. In simple, the hot air rotates the exhaust fans. And since they are attached to the intake fans, they share the mechanical energy that rotates them.

The intake fans are responsible for more air entering the combustion chamber. Understand that gas engines depend on air intake for strength and performance. The more air enters the engine, the more powerful machine you have.

In essence, turbo chargers are car parts that utilize the exhaust fumes of your car to provide more energy. As you can see, this not only leads to a great performance but to clean environment as well.

Turbocharger maintenance

Do you really need maintenance for turbochargers? This is a common question people often ask. Well, yes, it is a must to keep a constant eye on these components. The next question would be why.

Consider this; small engines are designed to work to specific level. What does that mean when you add a turbocharger for car? You are making the engine to work twice as hard as its original design.

The turbocharger makes the combustion to happen faster, pushing the engine to its limits. This increases the pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber, adding more stains to the internal components. You cannot afford to live with stained pistons, valves and head gasket. And the harder you work your engine, the faster you will need a new one.

A turbocharger has to inherently endure extreme temperatures from hot exhaust gases. The engine oil is responsible for lubricating the shaft that turns the turbine. This means there more demand on the quality of engine oil than you may be used to.

You might realize there is more demand for oil change in your car.  This is because the turbocharger will not work with poor-quality or low oil level. You will be straining your engine too much which leads to huge damages. High-quality synthetic oil is often a requirement.

Can you rely on turbochargers?

Well, this is not a very easy question to answers. Different people have had different experiences with these components. Many cars tend to experience a lot of problems with the while others have no issues.

Having turbochargers on your car means more car parts. The more auto parts, the more they become vulnerable to malfunctioning. 

Some automobile parts like the cylinder wall and piston rings wear out too soon. This means you need to be ready for extra costs. There could also be an increase in pressure inside the crank case which may result to oil leaks.

But that does not mean turbochargers are bad. There are a number of engines that work efficiently and last even longer with turbochargers than normal engines. It therefore depends on the setting of your engine and the general performance of your car.

There are no doubt turbochargers have become vital components for modern cars in terms of performance. To get or not to get one depends on the car you have. For instance, it is better to have a larger V6 or V8 engine than get a turbocharged engine for towing vehicles.

And on the other hand, turbochargers are great for those looking for more power and speed. Just be careful when buying them online. You can consider a trusted source like boodmo for great car parts.


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