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Should You Launch Your Product with Amazon PPC?

Should You Launch Your Product with Amazon PPC?

The face of retail is forever changed thanks to the introduction of online shopping. While brick and mortar shops held on as long as they could, online storefronts like Amazon have taken over in a very big way. Many retail chains are slowly beginning to close their doors because they cannot compete with Amazon. Though many folks in the older generation still prefer to shop in person, much of the rest of us prefer doing our shopping in our pyjamas on our couch with our smartphones. 

  Though retail shops going out of business, Amazon can actually be beneficial to internet-savvy businesses through the use of their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. 

What is PPC?

As mentioned above, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This is an advertising platform that Amazon uses in order to help their sellers maximize the number of products that they are able to sell online. The advertisers will only pay for the ad when a potential buyer clicks and views their content. PPC involves sellers bidding on search keywords in order for their product to appear on the search results page on Amazon. The seller who has the highest bid will have their product appear first when someone searches their keyword. It is important to note here that not every product category on Amazon is available for a PPC advertisement. 

Why Should I Use PPC Advertising?

Selling your product on Amazon is one of the best methods you can use in order to drive traffic to what you’re selling. With over two-and-a-half billion visitors every month, Amazon is a hotspot for consumers looking for anything from hunting knives to exercise machines to books and televisions and literally everything in between.

Benefits of Using PPC Advertisements

1)  Boost in Sales

Just as with traditional advertising, when you place an advertisement for your product, you are going to be able to reach more people. Most shoppers on Amazon aren’t going to scroll through thousands of search results so the closer your product is to the first page, the better sales results you will see.

2)  Seasonal Boosts

Depending on what you are selling, seasonal advertisement campaigns can be extremely beneficial for your sales and should be run for corresponding keywords. Using Amazon PPC ads strategically during high-sales times (Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day) can result in more sales. 

3)  Access to Reports

A great feature of using Amazon PPC is that you have access to reports that will allow you to measure and track your campaign to see how it’s performing. You’ll be able to see how much money you have spent and how on the track you are to achieve your sales goals.

4)  Pay Only For Clicks

With traditional advertising, think in the newspaper or on the radio, businesses would have to pay a set amount regardless of how many people read the newspaper or listened in on the radio. With PPC advertising, sellers are only paying when shoppers click directly on their advertisements. 

5)  Better Search Results

In order to have your products sell, they need to be ranking quite high on Amazon so that consumers are able to find them. When you use PPC ads, your items will be more visible on the search results page. 

So, should you use PPC advertising for your products? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Online shopping is the way of the future and all merchants and employers who are serious about the longevity of their business need to take eCommerce seriously. It can be nerve-wracking to make the leap to online sales, but it is something every business owner who sells products should consider in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

 Are you still feeling overwhelmed and confused? Thankfully we live in the information age where you can literally learn anything your heart desires with the click of a button. There is a fantastic course called the Proven Amazon Course that is designed to teach people new to the world of online sales and PPC advertising just how to sell their products on Amazon. 

Whether you’re already an Amazon seller or are considering a leap into the world of eCommerce, the PAC course will help you to become a successful Amazon merchant.


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