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Sitting Postures and Naturopathy to Relieve Back Pain

Sitting Postures and Naturopathy to Relieve Back Pain

One of the primary causes of back pain is sitting in an office chair for long periods. The static posture of your shoulders, arms, and legs increase the stress levelon your back, adding immense pressure on the spinal discs and back muscles. This not only induces back pain but makes it a chronic condition. Most people slouch while sitting in an office chair. This posture strains your discs and overstretches your spinal ligaments. As you continue sitting in this posture for prolonged periods, the chair becomes the biggest enemy of your lower back, damaging the spinal structure slowly but steadily.

Naturopathy to relieve back pain

Millions of people who are allergic to antibiotics prefer naturopathy to treat lower back pain. It is a holistic approach that works well for any chronic body pain. In addition to naturopathy, you should also change your sitting postures for faster results. One effective way to implement naturopathy is by using herbal gel on the affected area. These gels contain ingredients like eucalyptus oil, horse chestnut extract, menthol and peppermint oil, camphor, fir oil, and turpentine. All these focus on instant relief for back pain. However, it will be wise to do quick research on the most reliable herbal product. Arthrolon, for one, is trusted by thousands of users due to its amazing combination of herbal ingredients that quickly get rid of back pain.

Better sitting postures

After massaging the gel on your back, you should focus on improving your sitting posture. Here are a few techniques you can follow:

•   Imagine there is a straight line from the ceiling to the floor passing through your body. Try aligning your body according to that straight line. You may have to pull your head upward to make your posture taller. It will be great if you can hold your pelvis level. Try to resist the urge to stand on your toes and swaying your back. Think of a ballerina and mimic their pose.

•   Sit straight on your chair and rest your hands on your thighs or the computer table. Maintain the level of your chin and shoulder. Draw your shoulder back and squeeze them together. Hold this posture for five seconds and repeat it five times.

•   Try sitting on a firm chair instead of a springy one. Hard chairs can improve your sitting posture. On the other hand, springy chairs make you slouch after some time. Sit as close to the desk as possible. This will not allow any space to spread your legs. Your upper arms should be parallel to your spine. Make sure your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. You can adjust the height of the chair if it does not align properly with the table.

•   Press your back against the chair. You may use a cushion to arch your back slightly. This prevents your body from slouching forward. 

Physiotherapists and fitness trainers recommend these postures to people with chronic back pain. You can also start with exercises that help prevent lower back pain, but for long-term relief, you should change your bad habits and start sitting properly and using effective herbal remedies.


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