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Six Benefits of Opening an Online Store

Six Benefits of Opening an Online Store

The world is digital in nature and global in scale. Companies nowadays will have a hard time getting off their feet by sticking to their brick-and-mortar origins. Only a very few stores nowadays succeed, and those are the ones that appeal to the young market of today. Even then, most of these will be pop-up in nature, and it is the time-limitations on the store that leads to its surge in popularity.

For most, operating online is how you can build your reputation, build your sales, and grow your reach. Operatingan online store can help supplement your physical store’s income, or you can completely close down your store and operatesolely online. The choice is yours, but what isn’t an option is to not focus on your website and digital presence. There are so many benefits by doing this, and here are the top six:

1.   There is No Downtime

Customers can buy from you morning, noon, and night. When you sell online, there is no downtime because there are no people behind the checkout process. When you get in the next day you can then process the order and ship it on its way.

2.   Allows You to Expand Your Customer Base

You can sell more online than anywhere else,because you can find more of your ideal demographic online in one place than anywhere else. Open an online store, grow your online community, and succeed.

3.   Be in Charge of Your Own Message

By operating an online storeyou are entirely in charge of your brand and message. Brick and mortar stores will always have their environment to contend with. Try opening up a luxury fashion brand in a blue-collar neighborhood that simply couldn’t afford you, and see how long you last. By operating online you can manage your brand reputation and identity without your surroundings adding context.

4.   No In-Store Costs to Worry About

When you operate onlineyou only need to pay the nominal fees like hosting and your domain name. This can mean tens of thousands saved compared to opening up another store location.

5.   Incredibly Customizable

Websites and eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce are incredibly powerful and have a nearinfinite number of customization options. You can thereforecreate a website that is beautiful, true to your brand, and amazing to use. Unless you have a team to do this for you, however, you will want to rely on the professional services of companies like Blackbelt Commerce to set everything up for you.

6.   Increase Profits

Online sales are growing, and will only continue to grow as more young people obtain disposable incomes. Billions of dollars are spent every quarter online by buyers in the United States alone, and by opening up an online store you can cash in on this revenue stream.

U.S. online retailers generated $121.460 billion on the web in the third quarter, a 14.3% increase compared with $106.241 billion in Q3 2017, the Department of Commerce reported today.

– Katie Evans, DigitalCommerce360

People know how to shop online, how to find brands they trust, and overall it is for the better. You have a much better chance at succeeding as a small boutique online than in a small town, so build your website and online community up today and see new levels of success.


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