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Skin Care 101 – What Exactly Causes Dark Spots

Skin Care 101 – What Exactly Causes Dark Spots

Dark spots, skin discoloration, acne, you name it. There are several skin issues that a great majority of people out there are struggling to get rid of. However, most people complain of dark spots and skin discoloration more often. Therefore, we have decided to highlight the main causes of these dark spots and skin discolorations that are making you a little insecure.

  • Use of harsh skincare products – if truth be told, not every product that you can grab from your local cosmetic store is safe for your skin. Some of these products are not clinically tested and approved for use. However, due to the ridiculously low prices, some people compromise on quality, which in the long run ends up affecting their skin and their overall health.
  • Acne – pimples normally leave brown spots after they disappear. The spots then darken in color with time. If you do not use the right treatment for pimples, uneven skin tone and acne, then am afraid you will have dark spots to deal with in the long run.
  • Sun – the weather is a major contributing factor to a discolored skin pigmentation. Sometimes when the sun is too hot, we are advised to apply a trusted and proven sun screen lotion. It is also best if you wear a hat when you are outdoors just to ensure that the harsh sun rays do not hit your fragile skin.
  • Pollution and germs – where pollution is high, infection and germs are also high. Honestly speaking, pollution is everywhere; from the air that we breathe, to the water we drink. This basically means that we are all exposed to harmful germs and bacteria in the environment; a circumstance that might compromise on the health of our skin and our overall wellbeing. However, you can reduce skin infection by washing up at least twice a day and sanitizing your hands before touching your face.
  • Hormonal imbalance – hormones are also a contributing factor to uneven skin tone, rashes, and discolorations. Women are the most affected by this because of pregnancy and use of birth control pills. If pregnancy is what is causing your dark spots, you can talk to your doctor or visit
    for the best advice on skin treatment. You can however choose to wait until after pregnancy, because once your baby comes, the spots normally go away (for most people).
  • Medications – you might have noticed that after certain medications, your skin develops a rash, and once the rash is gone, all you have left are dark spots and blemishes. According to skin specialists, some medications make the skin sensitive to harsh weather conditions like the sun, and when the patient is exposed, the skin reacts with a rash and dark spots later.

No matter what the cause of your dark spots is, you should ensure that you find the right treatment. You can talk to a skin specialist like your local dermatologist, or get recommendations on the trusted and reliable skincare treatments. Nonetheless, the sure way of getting rid of your skin problems is if you let a certified skin specialist advise and guide you.


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