Smart AI Filters Can Now Add Magic to Any Photo

Smart AI Filters Can Now Add Magic to Any Photo

Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously proving that interaction between man and machine is no longer a problem. From autonomous cars to virtual assistants, from robotics to health care, AI is part of our day to day life.

In 2017, Forbes Magazine announced the top 10 artificial intelligence technologies. Image and video processing was among them and in full growth. It was expected to reach an equilibrium phase in 1 to 3 years. No surprise here, we are already used to have face recognition in our cameras and mobile devices. This year, the same Forbes Magazine announced that AI is changing the way we think about photography at a much deeper level. But how can a machine, even an intelligent one, understand aesthetics? How can AI understand art?

Skylum and the magic of AI

Skylum is a team of professional photographers and AI lovers. They produce Luminar, a software exclusively dedicated to photography, available for Mac and PC. AI is an important part of their work, as it allows them to offer exquisite photo filters. The magic aspect is that you don’t have to select the part of the image you want to enhance. You just have to choose the right filter. AI can do the selection for you and also take the best decisions in order to give you the perfect photo. This means you can edit your pictures on the road and deliver them in a few minutes.

Skylum will launch Luminar 3 in December 2018.  It is already one of the best photo editing software, but this new version comes with many promises.Here are just four of them:

Sky Enhancer

Every landscape photographer knows that having a perfect sky is essential for a good photograph. We use circular polarizing filters, color enhancing filters, and neutral density filters. We pursuethe perfect weather and wait for the perfect moment of the day. We pray for fluffy clouds and spend hours with a photo editing software to make them prettier. Sky Enhancer is a magic AI tool that can save you from all this trouble. It is trained with hundreds of images of skies. It knows by itself (no mask, no selection, no layers required) where is the sky and what to do to make it better (yes, it knows what ‘better’ means). You only have to choose the intensity of the effect. Sky Enhancer works with sunny skies, cloudy skies, stormy skies, and many other types of skies.

Accent AI

Accent AI means one powerful slider for you. It will do enhancements which will save you a dozen of manual adjustments. Accent AI is intelligent and its results are natural, perfect for any type of photography. It can substitute traditional adjustments like highlights and shadows, contrast, tone and saturation, exposure, details, and others.

Sun Rays

AI can also bring the sun into your images. Well, it’s not just a figure of speech, it really can. Sun Rays is an AI-poweredtool that adds realistic sun rays to your photographs. So if you had a bad day and your pictures are cloudy and dark, use this tool to brighten them up. Sun Rays giveyou many options. From dramatic sun rays to a subtle glow, this tool knows them all.

 Grunge Texture

Grunge texture is frequently used in gritty landscapes and street photography. Until Luminar 3, grunge texture meant many layers, selections, filters, and hours of work. From now on, grunge texture means just selecting the favorite texture, adding it to a new layer, and making some small adjustments. That’s all you have to do to achieve a grunge effect.

AI and mobile photography

AI entered the world of mobile photography years ago. AI-basedphoto filters allowyou to transform ordinary pictures intopaintings, using styles of famous painters like Picasso and Salvador Dali. The algorithms learn the style of a painter by looking to hundreds of paintings and then apply the same effect to your pictures. This is a quick way to have an outstanding image.

Prisma Labs, Artisto, Lucid, Malevich, and many others work to offer you the best artistic experience.

AI filters simplify photographers’ life and give them plenty of time to do what they love to do: photographs. Great compositions are made in the camera, but great photographs are accomplished in the editing studio. Nevertheless, you don’t need to overdoit. The best AI filters look natural and realistic, and you can learn from them. Also, they learn from you and adapt to your style.




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