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Snowbirds Benefiting From Driveaway Services

Snowbirds Benefiting From Driveaway Services

Planning on heading south during winter? Will you, like most snowbirds, drive to your destination? If so, then prepare for a long, tiring, and – depending on the traffic – stressful drive. That doesn’t sound appealing, does it? No, but there’s an alternative.

Why not fly to your destination and then find your car waiting at the airport? This way, you cut your travel time, but keep your car and carry as much luggage as you want. How is this even possible, you ask? It is simple: You use a driveaway service.

What is a Driveaway Service?

This is an arrangement in which you pay a third party to drive your car to a destination of your choosing. But in this case, the destination is your holiday destination and the third party, a driveaway service company. How does the arrangement work?

How the Service Works

After finding a driveaway company servicing your area, agree on terms and then book a shipping date and destination. In the meantime, pack your bags and load them into your car. And on the prearranged date, a professional driver comes for the car and drives it either to the airport or to your holiday home.

Benefits of Driveaway Services

1. Pay Less

Renting a car after arriving at your destination may save you the time and hassle of self-driving. But it costs you more in the long run, especially during the holidays when car rental companies hike their fees. And remember, the cost of renting depends on how long you have the car.

So, if you’re planning a long holiday, either plan to pay more or save by using your own car. You won’t even have to pay for a taxi, for according to cars to Florida driveaway service, most driveaway services pick you up at the airport and drive you to your destination.

2. Drive a car you know

Besides the high cost, a rental car has another downside – unreliability. As you neither know its service history nor its mechanical condition, the rental might break down when you least expect it to. Granted, the rental company hands you a replacement when this happens, but you still suffer the inconvenience.

In addition, the rental may have different handling characteristics, making it tricky to drive. With your car, however, these problems hardly arise, seeing that you know everything about it.

3. Carry more luggage

For obvious reasons, airlines don’t take it kindly when you exceed their strict luggage limits. Before boarding, they’ll either slap you with hefty fees or force you to repack your luggage. Compare that to a driveaway service. Unlike the airlines, driveaway companies have no luggage limit. After all, you own the car and can, therefore, stuff anything you want into the trunk or the rear seat.

4. Experience No Delays

What’s the closest alternative to a driveaway service? It’s a trucking service. Here, a truck carrying many cars, including yours, makes the delivery, but only after making many stops along a designated route. As you’d expect, the stops result in longer delivery times while the route limits where you can pick your car.

Being able to drive yourself around during the holidays adds to the holiday fun. But it comes at a price. Car rentals are expensive, and self-driving is tiring. So, avoid both by hiring a driveaway service.


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