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Software Development Trends: Evaluating The Shift Happening In The Industry

Software Development Trends: Evaluating The Shift Happening In The Industry

There are trendsetters and then there are those who follow the league; the structure is similar in almost all the sectors, no matter what industry it is. Particularly for software industry, the players need to be aware enough of the trends prevailing, otherwise they will fall short of fame and may fail to sustain. 

It is critical for software development companies to stay ahead of the trends. As the trends have been shifting rapidly, it is important to have a preview of all these innovations going in and around the industry. Let’s talk about some of these trends in detail.

A Brief on the Popular Software Development Trends

Machine Learning 

Machine learning can be said an extended application of artificial intelligence. AI in a system enables it to learn automatically in order to perform certain functions. Artificial intelligence drastically improves the functioning of a system to automate the process. The best news about machine learning is that, the technology helps machines to learn on their own and improve the experience for the users. Machine learning helps code programs that can access the data and use it for themselves to respond better to the query of the users. 

Microservices Becoming Mainstream

The maturing of microservice architect ensures one thing for every custom software development company. The technology is going to be one of the prime trends for companies this year. There is a major possibility of mobile apps to feature microservices in order to improve the design, detailing, and debugging capacity of the mobile apps. The increased demand to have scalable applications is one of the reasons why the technology is becoming more prominent for the development companies. 

Cloud Computing 

Enterprises are opting for serverless cloud architect to support different application and also to lower the service cost. Cloud service providers such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are promoting serverless architect for computing. With this concept the developers need not to focus on virtual infrastructure to manage all the important information. The cloud server is more than enough for storing all the details.

Internet of Things or IoT

Making 100% data driven decision is a step towards making a secured decision. As the new software development trend, the technology is helping managers make an informed decision. With the internet of things, it is possible to make business-centric decision. Internet of things is becoming the needed bridge between the clients and the customers so that the business could serve specifically for the desired services. 

Blockchain is Gaining Traction

Blockchain has gone beyond the imagination with its exceptional use cases. The technology is not only helping to manage the financial transaction, but it has gone too far in industries like healthcare, retail, IT, insurance, and similar other industries. Global companies including Apple are now exploring the possibilities of the technology in different use cases too. Keeping in mind the potential this technology has, it is sure to bring exceptional innovation in the industry. 

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps offer a number of benefits to the users. Such apps are responsive in nature and are very much secured. When using the application, the user gets an experience similar to using native application, which is another reason for its popularity. Additionally, these apps are easy to update and have greater functionality as well. 


The issues around cybersecurity are worth concerning. Businesses of all sizes are concerned about the security of their data and the servers as there is a sudden increase in the cybersecurity concerns. In order to tackle these issues successfully, software development companies are focusing more on the security of their products. 

Mixed Reality 

Not very much mature now, but mixed reality is going to be one of the most popular software development trends within a few years. The blend of physical world with digital world creates mixed reality. The technique is capable of creating reality that was only imaginative previously. Such a reality is created with a mix of input system, display technology, computer vision, and graphical processing power. 

To Sum Up

The future of software development seems quite enhancing owing to all the possibilities that have been jotted down here. Every software development company is leaving no stone unturned to create new possibilities for their products. This continuous innovation is a reason why the software development industry today is very much dynamic if compared to what it was a few years back. Moreover, users’ expectation today is one of the reasons for such a change in the dynamics at such a pace. As the software development trends are changing faster than expected, the industry will for sure become a hub of innovation. However, the industry is already is going through a major change. 

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