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Solar Energy – Is It Really Renewable???

Solar Energy – Is It Really Renewable???

Solar energy is fast growing to be most used energy production method in the new age and is proving its worth in a positive way. Experts are of the opinion that it will be one of the best methods in the future too.

Electricity is, since primitive age, derived using fossil fuels like coal, oil and others. The negative impact of the fossil fuels on the environment, such as global warming and acid rains, make it more difficult to use. In addition to environment, the cost and availability of the fossil fuels is providing the humans to look for other cheaper and easily available sources of energy that will not get depleted upon usage. And solar energy has come as a boon for the mankind.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy that is derived from the sun’s rays and the quantity depends upon the rays of the sun every day. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building, residential or commercial and the rays from the sun are converted into energy that is used for obtaining solar hot water.

How solar energy is produced?

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and cost effective energies derived by man. Photovoltaic (PV) panels that are solar powered are used to convert the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting the electrons into the silicon cells with the use of the photons from light of the sun. The solar panels are placed in the open where there is no intrusion from trees and billboards, making rooftops the best choice for their placement.

The energy that gets converted using the sun’s rays is transmitted using the inverters to provide electricity to the building where the PV panels have been placed.

This energy that is derived is used to power the houses, offices, commercial spaces and factories, in addition with the electricity derived from other sources.

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Is it renewable?

One question that is asked frequently regarding the solar energy is that ‘is it really renewable?’ First, let us understand what renewable and non-renewable energy is. Renewable energy is green energy that gets replenished on its own on a human timescale. Non-renewable energy is one that takes hundreds of years to form and gets depleted on its constant usage, like coal and petrol. Due to the time taken in its formation and the rate of usage by the humans, non-renewable energy does not meet the demand and supply ratio.

Solar energy is indeed a renewable source of energy as sun shines almost every day. All we need is the sufficient amount of solar panels to capture the sun rays that is required to convert it into energy. So, it is easy to say that until we have the sun, we will never run out of the solar energy. And, since the sun is only half way through its life time, we don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays for another 50 billion years.

Although, sun will use up its hydrogen fuel in its life span, human’s usage of its rays and conversion into electric energy will not have any effect on its power and energy. The sun puts in equal efforts to provide sunlight each day.

Having said that solar energy is the cleanest and easily renewable green energy, it is also important to understand that it too has certain negative aspects. One is the solar panel production. Solar panels or PV panels are produced in large quantities and this leads to consumption of quite a lot of raw materials.

Also, the photovoltaic cells that are used to generate electricity, requires silicon and this leads to excretion of waste into the environment. Mishandling of the waste may have a huge impact on the humans and the environment.

Manufacturing of PV panels requires a huge space and big land area, this might prove to be expensive and may cause a misbalance in the land eco-system of a region.

Considerations to be taken before installing PV panels

Before installing PV panels on your rooftop, study the area where you want to install the panels. Is the space sufficient to install the panels? Is there sufficient sunlight for the panels to capture the sun light and convert it into electricity? Are you aware of the laws pertaining the installation of the solar panels in your area?

If the answer to the above questions is in affirmative, then solar panels and solar energy is the best source of energy you can opt for. It is cheaper, cost effective, and easily the cleanest form of energy. It is safe to safer to say that solar energy is the future of derived energy.


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