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Speaking is Natural Reading & Writing Needs to be Taught

Speaking is Natural Reading & Writing Needs to be Taught

Have you ever stressed or simply thought about a fact that a newborn baby learns to speak his/ her mother tongue even before he/ she learns to read and write contents in the mother tongue? I bet if you haven’t then you must be thinking now about it. You might think it is miraculous and even scientists are in awe of this capability of learning to speak before reading and writing. Various research and studies were conducted on this and it was concluded that spoken language is a skill which is hard-wired inside the brain. A human brain is developed to acquire the art of speaking naturally while reading and writing needs to be taught.

When a child reaches 10-11 months of age he/ she has already developed the skill of recognition of speech sounds of the language which he/ she is hearing around through his/ her parents or care providers. He/she, also, is able to say words such as bye-bye, mama, dada etc. However, children, with teaching, typically learn to read by 5-6 years of age and it takes several years to master the skill of reading as well as writing. This natural power of human brain of learning to speak a language is successfully utilized and captured by Helen Doron’s English lessons method through which even babies can learn to speak English, before learning to read and write, just as they would do with their mother tongue. No doubt, nearly two million children have successfully learned the art of speaking English with the Helen Doron Method, as of now; and the number is growing every day.

You must have experienced, but failed to realize, then when you shift to a new place where the local language is different than what you speak in your area; after some time; you automatically start picking up certain everyday words from that language; even though you don’t know to read or write that particular language. After a certain duration, you can also successfully learn to speak and understand the language completely, even though you don’t know how to read or write in that language.

This capacity of learning to speak and understand a language of the human brain is a result of about 100,000 years of evolution under which the human brain has completely adapted for processing of a language. As far as reading and writing are concerned, these cannot be called as natural skills since they both are taught to you as and when you join a school or any other educational institute.

Hence, we can definitely conclude, and it is self-evident, that reading and writing are acquired skills, for which the human brain is not yet fully developed. Even adults, who know how to speak and convey their message in a certain language, fail when it comes to conveying the same message through writing. On the contrary, speaking is a skill which is gifted naturally to humans under the long process of evolution.



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