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Sports and fitness, how to choose the time?

Sports and fitness, how to choose the time?

The fact that fitness is good for physical and emotional health is a common truth. However, this does not mean that you can play sports with the same benefit at any time of the day. Morning hours are better for some workouts, and some will be more effective in the evening, as well as taking Original Cialis. Of course, there is no typical “recipe”, and, first of all, it is better to listen to your biological clock. However, based on practice, fitness trainers can still name those workouts that give a successful result at one time or another.

Morning fitness

Many sports enthusiasts cannot imagine their day without a morning run or at least a few yoga asanas at sunrise. But it is worth remembering that immediately after awakening, the human body temperature is slightly below normal, that is, the blood flow is slowed down, and it will take longer to “warm-up” the muscles than during the day. Original Cialis can help increase the blood flow and get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Running on the ground or a track in the gym. “Classics of the genre”, however, not losing its relevance.

Cycling. A trip to work by bike is a great workout and an added pleasure.

Swimming. A small morning “swim” is able to charge with energy for the whole day.

Lunch workout

For those who cannot get up early in the morning and busy in the evenings, trainers offer their own fitness plan. Sport at lunchtime is very effective because, in the period from 10 to 14 days, the body rises adrenaline and temperature, the muscles are ready for intensive work. Also, in the first half of the day (but not in the morning), it is recommended to engage in martial arts – they require concentration, which is especially pronounced from 12 to 14 hours.

The best daily workouts that you can do even at lunchtime:

Karate, Tai-bo, taekwondo. “Switch” the brain and tighten the body, and then return to work – what could be better?

Zumba lasts less than an hour, and you can have time to work out during lunch at work.

Bodypump. You can go to the group training with a barbell under invigorating music with the whole office – it is useful and fun.

Evening sports

The optimal time for training in the evening is from 16 to 19 hours. At this time, it is worth visiting the gym, doing strength disciplines. But after 19, when the activity of the body decreases again, and it gets ready for bed (the temperature gradually decreases), you need to pay attention to “relaxing” types of fitness – yoga, for example. Those who prefer to run in the evenings should be careful – the risk of injury increases.

Effective evening workouts:

  • In the early evening, when the body has not yet exhausted the daily supply of energy, it is time to “load up with iron.”
  • Jogging, race walking. Walking is a good alternative to running, no less useful, but safer.
  • Pilates, yoga. A set of exercises for stretching and finding harmony with the body will be a pleasant “prelude” to a night’s rest.
  • Dance programs are for the most active and the opportunity to spend time not only with benefit but also with pleasure.


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