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Sportsbook Legalization is Good For a States Economy

Sportsbook Legalization is Good For a States Economy

Online sports betting is the bread and butter for most fans across the world. But in the US, it’s all a bit new.

Nevada, Delaware, West Virginia and New Jersey are only a handful of states which have legalized sports betting and they’re already reaping the rewards.

August saw sports betting hit $95million in New Jersey, which was twice the amount of July and that figure looks set to rise.

More and more betting sites are becoming legal in the US, making betting easier than ever before. The likes of Gambler Saloon are offering fans fantastic markets and offers, which will only entice more players to enjoy the market.

The industry is expected to explode over the next few years. Pennsylvania, New York and Rhode Island are not far off in legalizing betting, while Connecticut, Illinois and Kentucky are expected to follow.

What’s more, major sports leagues are making moves into the sports betting world. The NFL have already passed a bill to allow franchises to team up with betting firms, in what is expected to add $2.3billion to the value of the game.

The Dallas Cowboys have already taken advantage of this, teaming up with a betting firm in the world’s first NFL casino partnership.

A number of franchises will follow as the New York Jets  look to team up with a gambling partner.

The NBA has also got in on the action, becoming the first league to form a partnership with online gambling. They’ve signed a historic deal with MGM in a move which will likely normalize the idea of betting on sport in the USA even more.

The figures that the big four sports will make from sports betting is set to be astronomical. You only need to look to Europe to see the fruits it has brought.

In Italy, betting sponsorship has brought in $140million split between around 10 clubs in their soccer league, while 17 of the 24 teams in the second tier of English soccer now have betting companies on their shirts.

That’s all to come for the USA. Small steps are being made so far and already the results are growing every month. This time next year that’ll be even bigger and in just a few years time betting in-play while at the game and weekend accumulators will be second nature for almost every fan in the country.

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