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Spotted at Ben Gurion Airport: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Arrives to the Holy Land

Spotted at Ben Gurion Airport: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Arrives to the Holy Land

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was spotted landing in the Ben Gurion airport in the Holy Land with an entourage of followers on the 10th of May. The Man of God arrived for an eight-day long visit to Israel. He arrived with hundreds of followers and believers of Christ to witness the birthplace of Jesus Christ first hand. The Pastor received a warming welcome at the airport, further encouraging the good expectations for the visit.

The Ben Gurion airport is located in the city of Tel-Aviv and is named after Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Upon arrival at the airport, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome received ecstatic greetings from Christians who waited for him at the airport. Photos from the welcoming event are available, showcasing the enthusiasm of the believers in the room. Moreover, the Jewish state appreciation towards the Pastor and Evangelists was further shown by the VIP service the Pastor received.

Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Incorporation, is a church with millions of followers across the world. Pastor Chris is the founder and spiritual guide of the Church and believes that the foundation of Evangelical Christianity is to help others get closer to the Lord. This was the main goal in mind when the visit was planned – to help believers find a way to get closer to the Bible and God. The registration for the visit was open to all Evangelical believers across the world that seek to feel a closer connection to the Holy Land and God.

Hundreds of followers joined Pastor Chris in this journey, designed to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Historically, Evangelical Christians have a special relationship with the Jewish State. This relationship is apparent in many realms, most obviously in the biblical and historical connection Christians believe Jews have to the Holy Land. There are countless holy sites in Israel that are shared in significance to both Christians and Jews alike. Participants are impatient to see the sites and activities prepared for the trip.

The Pastor’s visit was defined as a pilgrimage and “something that all Christians is one all Christians should aspire to participate in”. For this reason, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome provided this delegation with a chance to experience Israel in eyes of the Bible. It is expected that the different groups joining the Pastor will see multiple of the Holiest sites to Christians in Israel and Jordan.

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