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Stahwille Combined Wrenches: Ambassadors of The Quality Made in Germany

Stahwille Combined Wrenches: Ambassadors of The Quality Made in Germany

Stahwille for over 150 years has been producing very high quality hand tools exclusively  within the three German factories, directing to innovative horizon and aiming to always achieve the  best customer satisfaction: in Stahlwille we produce the best tool for and with our customers.

For more than 150 years, the German brand has consistently aspired to the highest quality level: a continuous motivation towards perfection. The founder, Eduard Wille, has established the guiding principle that has since guided the company to today results and positioning. 

From screwdrivers to the socket wrench, to the hammer, to the tool trolley, to the dynamometric tooling, the Stahlwille production, today commercialized through very advantageous policies, is vast and positioned on a higher technical level in relation to competitors, also thanks to the several patents developed. The catalog now includes around 4500 items, all produced within the three German factories.

Stahlwille combined wrenches are excellent quality ambassadors of the German industry: they express, in fact, a high level of precision, extremely high quality of technical feature, durability and maximum performance of use.

It is not true that the combined wrenches are a commodity, as some people often think. Even the simple combined wrench is a technical product and, depending on the way it is designed and built, it expresses performances that are radically different from one another. STAHLWILLE has always been proud to realize superior quality wrenches, and it is among the few companies on the market to publish, on its catalogue, guaranteed product performances above the requirements prescribed by the standards.

Through the special forging techniques, the use of excellent steels and the finishing processes, it is possible to reach an high technical level that allows to guarantee excellent performances: precious special steel forged in mold, then optimally tempered in the continuous furnace without the slag formation, surface decarburization and the delicate treatment in oil bath quenching ensure that the Stahlwille wrenches are strong, extremely resistant to loads and long lasting.

To reduce the risk of tool damage, the material is concentrated in portions stress exposed and reduced where no load is applied. In this way, it is possible to get extremely stable, light and manageable tools, which, thanks to their small dimensions, can also be used in very narrow spaces.

Stahlwillewrenchesare light – the overall weight is reduced thanks to the typical double T profile; they have an easy grip – the surface is easy to hold and comfortable thanks to the special finishing; they are extremely resistant – high flexion resistence.

During the tightening operations the advantages of using a Stahlwille wrenchderive from the double forging, that makes the hexagon of the tool stronger than any bolt, and from the morphology, which has a thinner ring than other wrench,that makes the tool suitable to be used in narrow spaces.

The whole range of Sthalwille products is on sales On Mister Worker™ website: it is possible to find advantageous promotions for a wide range of combined wrenches.


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