Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Brazil

Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Brazil

When you watch a Star Wars movie, you have certain expectations, after all, this is number 7, and the previous 6 movies have all been outstanding in their genre. So, there I am, with my popcorn bucket which is in fact a droid’s helmet and my large soda and I am dying of anticipation. To my utter surprise, there are no mishaps in this storytelling. Actually, it is very clear, and there is this never ending excitement of having the old with the new. We see Harrison Ford, and yes, it is Han Solo with Chewie just like back in the day. They are now accompanied by a very interesting new character, “Finn,” John Boyega, who is a rebel stormtrooper and his new best friend Rey, Daisy Ridley, a scavenger with the powers of those of a Jedi. By the way, the performances of these actors is excellent. We also have a new resistance Leader, Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, the amazing pilot who leads the fleet against the First Order. He has a droid, BB-8 who holds key information to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill.

The new villain is Han and Leia’s son, Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver. Mr. Driver is familiar to all those who have watched the TV series “Girls.” He is clearly obsessed by the legacy of his grand-father Darth Vader and comes complete with a sinister looks blended in with his goofy good looks. The script is audacious and in the final scene with his father, Han Solo. Let’s put it this way, it will stir up your  inner most feelings.

The scenes between Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, are on a level of their own as they draw you in and you recall the early days when their characters, Leia and Han Solo, were deeply in love.

As we get closer to the end, we await the much expected appearance of Master Luke Skywalker. We await just as C3PO (Anthony Daniels) states. R2D2 is an important part of this moment in the movie. That is something, I will not describe it here, but it is powerful.

George Lucas, is a gifted genius, whose imagination created all this from scratch. Now J.J. Abrams has accepted the responsibility of carrying on the torch, as he proves his merit. He has directed this story with an overwhelming excitement. This movies gives hope to know that if entertainment like this can be made, maybe we can overcome all the darkness that exists in our own reality.

Giving this quick review is more of an overview, as to not spoil it for the fans. I have to say the force has awaken and does not seem to be looking for rest anytime soon.

Oh,they are back, alright! Congratulations to LucasFilm, Industrial Light, Magic, and Bad Robot for the spectacular special effects. Can’t wait for number VIII!



Valeria Gomes was born in New York but was raised and lives in Brazil. She is an actress, director, as well as a drama and English teacher. She is a certified public translator with dual citizenship.

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