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Static Pressure vs Air Flow – How to Choose the best CPU fan

Static Pressure vs Air Flow – How to Choose the best CPU fan

When it comes to cooling your high end gaming rig you might think of going for an Liquid Cooler or a Aftermarket case fan. Trust me a lot of people don’t even know what they need depending upon their usage. They are going for something which is not equals to what they need. If you are going to do some gaming for example 3 to 4 hours, recording or editing then you don’t need a liquid cooler at all. You should better go for case fans. If you are going to do some overclocking or other stuffs then you should think of Aftermarket CPU case fans. 

But when it comes to buying a CPU fan there are a lot of different specs you might consider. These are Watts, Voltage, RPMs, Motor bearing types and a lot of different things. but don’t worry we don’t want you to get more confused. So we are only going to talk about Static Pressure and Airflow fans. 

When you compare these two types of fans side by side, they will look similar.  You might think like “Well, Fans are Fans it won’t matter much”. In case of Static Pressure and Air Flow fans there are a lot of difference. Using the fan in the wrong scenario will affect your cooling to a great extent. 

So what exactly is Airflow and Static pressure?

Airflow is the amount of air which is the fan is capable of removing at its greatest rpm. When it has no restrictions. Such as open environment or in simple terms, there’s nothing blocking the front or back of the fan. The fan is completely free to move the air in and out. The only thing interfering is the atmospheric pressure and that’s it. Airflow optimized fans have blades made in such a way that it moves as much air it can in an open environment.

Airflow fans feature small blades, More Curved Blades, and Decent gap between the body and the fan which holds them together.

Static pressure means when you take the same figure as Airflow fan but also including the amount of resistance the fan is able to push through.  We can also call it the amount of torque it can handle while trying to push the air in and out.  Static pressure optimized fans made to push the air harder through small spaces. 

Static pressure fans feature Large Blades, fewer flat blades, and Small gap between the body and the fan blade which holds them together. 

What fan should you use?

So there are two situations where you might think of choosing between a Static Pressure fan and an Air Flow fan. For example, when you have a CPU case in which you have hard disk cages or air filter right in front of your CPU fan. Here you only have an inch of space between them.  In this situation, you should better think of going for a Static Pressure optimized fan. Why? Well, they will be much more effective than the Airflow fan and to get the air through the small gaps. 

But when you have an open environment in your CPU case or you can move your hard drive cage away from the fan. In this case, you should definitely go for an Air Flow optimized fan. 

Where you should use these fans?

Air Flow fans – This type of fan can be use where the air is not obstructed. Or Other normal scenarios where you want the air to move from one location to another such as

  • Front Case Intake
  • Top Case Intake
  • Back Case Outtake

Static Pressure Fans: This type of fans can be use where the air is getting obstructed. Here you need static pressure in place of normal airflow such as

  • Radiators
  • CPU Heat sinks
  • Front Case Intake with Hard drive Cage
  • Top Case intake with Hard drive Cage


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