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Staying in Shape During Your 30’s and 40’s

Staying in Shape During Your 30’s and 40’s

During your younger years, which is around your 20’s and below, it was very easy to eat sweet and fatty foods without worrying too much about your health and weight. But now that you’re around 30 to 40 years old, eating the same amount of sweet and fatty foods as you did when you were younger would take a toll on your body. Therefore, you should watch out for your blood sugar, weight, and body fats to avoid complication.

The Right Kind of Workout

There isa lot of trendy fitness activity happening today, where technology is even used in the industry. However, not all fitness trends can suiteveryone’s needs, and to be more specific, people who are in their 40’s and above aren’t suited to do high-intensity workouts, except if they were continuously doing it during their younger years.

Also, if you are having back problems, it wouldn’t be a good idea if you add in the famous crunches in your workout routine. As you get older, your back tendsto have a bentposture which is due to all the activities you’ve made that bends your body.

So, if you’ve been sitting in front of a computer for a long, your back would probably have a hunched figure. Same applies if you’ve been doing exercises that usually bendyour upper back. So, what kind of workout should you do?

Suitable Workouts for You

Simple workouts like walking, jogging, and biking are more suitable for people with back problems. This wouldn’t stretch your back, but it would help improve your stamina levels. Aside from the basic workouts, you can also try the popular dance workout called Zumba. All you need to do is to follow the dance steps of your instructor.

HIIT is another option for over 40s fitness activity it is one of the fitness trends today that doesn’t strain your joints. In fact, they even have an article that avoids crunches due to the bent posture it leaves on people.

3 Tips to Follow to Stay in Shape 

Aside fromworking out, you should also be mindful of other things such as your diet, how many hours you sleep, and how long you should work out a day.

Now here are some of thethingsthat you need to follow to stay in shape:

  • Watch Your Diet

As we already know, staying in shape will not only consist of continuous exercises, but it should also consist of a healthy diet. Do not eat too much meat and always balance your diet with vegetables.

  • Don’t Train Too Much

During this age, you’ll most probably have a family to take care of, therefore you shouldn’t spend too much time working out at the gym, studio, or park. So, rather than spending 2 hours at the gym, you should cut it into 30 to 45-minute workout to spend more time with your family.

  • Focus on Mobility

Rather than focusing on getting those six-pack abs, you should focus more on mobility such as running, stretching, and lifting weights.

We are not getting any younger. So, why you still can, keep your body in shape to stay fit and healthy as you grow older. The more you work on a healthy lifestyle, the more you keep yourself safe from health conditions, such as aching back, arthritis, loss of stamina, and more.


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