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Steps Involved in Helping Your Child Come up With an Amazing Letter to Santa

Steps Involved in Helping Your Child Come up With an Amazing Letter to Santa

It is fun to see how kids believe that Santa is real. You should not take this away from them. Instead, you should make them feel the spirit of Christmas even more. One of the best ways to fan their idea that Santa is real is by letting them write a letter to Santa. You can help them write a nice letter through these tips.

Buy pretty paper

Santa is a special character and writing a letter to him deserves special paper as well. Let your child choose the best paper to write the letter on or a Christmas card that you can buy from stores. Since this is their letter to Santa, every creative decision must come from your child.

Clear the table when writing the letter

You are telling them to write a letter to a special person, sothe place where the letter was created must be special too. If your table is cluttered, even you won’t feel the spirit of Christmas. Therefore, it helps if you clear your table or place some decorations, like Santa images.

Play Christmas music

To help your kids feel the spirit of Christmas even more, play some music. This puts them in the mood to write a Christmas letter.

Guide them

As they start writing the letter, you can tell them what they can write about. This includes what they have been nice about this year and the reasonswhy they deserve to receive a special gift. Make sure that the letter does not focus on asking for a gift but on telling Santa why they have been a blessing to others. You may also include their achievements or special experiences that Santa would probably love to hear about. If your kids can’t write just yet, you can do it for them, but the content should come from them.

Place the letter in their Christmas stocking

Once you are done writing the letter, make sure that your kids seal the letter and place it in their Christmas stocking for Santa to pick up. Of course, he won’t, so don’t forget to pick it up yourself.

Buy a letter from Santa

Once you have already placed the letter in the stocking, the next step is to buy a letter from Santa to show your kids that Santa actually got the letter and has responded. You can look at the best choices at Perhaps, the best time to open the letter that you have bought is on Christmas Eve. This is the time when everyone in the family gathers.

Supporting the idea that Santa exists does not mean you are fooling your children. It means that you are allowing your kids to have a fun and fantastic childhood. You want them to feel grateful and understand that good deeds are eventually rewarded, which is, after all, one of the main themes which have become associated with the Christmas season.


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