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Steps to Follow Before Starting Work on a Construction Project

Steps to Follow Before Starting Work on a Construction Project

Your instincts will probably tell you that jumping right into your construction project will lead to faster completion. Right? Rest assured; that is not the way to do it.

Construction projects cannot and should not be commenced without a pre-construction background, which is equally involving and takes a lot of commitment to achieve. To achieve your dreams, think of this common phrase;”Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It literally applicable and perfectly fits any construction project.

Whereas many people take just a couple of days or months to plan through their projects, others take several years before they are solidly satisfied with their plans. What exactly are some of the things you need to the layout before grounding breaking on your project?

 Pick a design professional

You already have a piece of land, right? Go ahead and pick an architect or/and an interior designer. Chances are that you will actually need both at some point. The architect is the go-to person who is expected to breathe life into your dream life. A lot of groundwork goes into your discussions with the architect. However, one of the foremost achievements is to ensure that your dream is achievable in terms of structural design and other demands. Is it too complex or weird? An architect can help unravel.

He is the creative geek who will also advise you on what can work and what cannot. In addition, the architect should be knowledgeable enough to guide you with legal requirements within the region you are undertaking your project.

In most cases, architects work closely with Quantity Surveyors(QS) who is the guy to calculate the estimated cost of your entire project. Remember, these are people who come way before the actual work begins. The QS may actually be out of the picture during the construction.

Get your permits

You cannot overlook the need for permits in the process of construction. The requirements will differ from state to state and even regions but you will get to have them ready in good time. Among common permits applicable almost universally related to site management, environmental safety, workers safety, structural appropriateness, corresponding taxes among others.

Authorities will be quick to check on a site just when his first truck of bricks drives through. You better be safe, lest your project stalls before taking off.

Gather your materials

Needless to emphasize, you need to have your construction materials ready. You might not necessarily have the entire pile including roofing materials but it will do you a lot of good to gather what you can early enough. One easy way of acquiring materials is buying in sizeable quantities way before you commence work. Important, find out what you need at the initial stages so that you can have it ready on time.

Some homeowners oftentimes rush to buy essential materials when the construction is underway in what would be emergencies cases. Gold Coast Builders observe that the danger with this is that you are likely to buy things at a higher price since you don’t have the luxury of shopping around. It is a situation of unpreparedness.

Gather your team

Assembling a team of consultants who will work together to make your dream come true is a critical determinant of your project’s success. In the beginning, it helps to ensure that they hold meetings and discuss the project and even chat the way forward.

This is especially critical when there are a number of contractors working on the project. The electrical engineers, the plumbers, and all other players need to understand at what time they come in as well as when and how to play their roles.

You may not be in a position to brief every worker on site but then you can always deal with team leaders. Having them review progress on milestones over scheduled meetings ensures that you remain on track. Like any other project, keeping the team motivated helps them to work at their optimum level.

Before commencing on your project, a number of things need to come in mind. First, have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. What do you want to achieve? This is more or less a point to the scope of work and how involved it will be.

It has to be remembered that even when the plan is very clear, sometimes readjusting (which may mean a great overhaul in this case) may be necessary. However, the case becomes very different when things need to be changed without a room for adjustment.

Another essential bottom line knows the parameters to be used in evaluating the success of the project. Is the project judged from the finished product, money spent or time taken. The parameters presented must be measurable and achievable. This ensures that you keep your eye on the bigger picture.


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