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Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Social media marketing has a great role and Twitter with more than 330 million users is a significant player. Twitter is one of the business and marketers platforms that have active users and both benefit on joining Twitter.

Promoting website is crucial for a business and designing it carries equal importance.  After all this, when your developing efforts are ready, you must attract audience to your services and website. Branding is considered the finest way to redirect to your website a relevant crowd. Especially, Twitter is a wonderful source for brand promotion and advertisement.

Tweeting is a mind-boggling fantastic way of getting in touch with customers. However, the major challenge is in ‘Creativity’. Here are few strategies that are also the tested ways of increasing your Twitter engagement.

1. Insert links in Tweets

Social media is an effective marketing strategy. Tweets on an average generate around 86% of more retweets. This happens as the link insertions improve reader interaction.  As you can earn more retweets, it may be considered as a practical strategy that works.

Setting your business on uptrend means your customers know about your product. Your page engagement metrics increase due to links and thus it drives clients to your product. Thus, insert around 70-80% links in your tweets.  The links also give your users satisfaction and assurance that the product and the brand are unique and known, besides do not make fake promises.

2. Keep your Tweets design provocative and short

  • Generating compelling content within the limit of 140 characters is a challenge.  Researchers also confirm that tweets within 100 characters are noticed by customers.
    In fact, more attention is received by short tweets. This increases the interaction probability with greater responsibility only when tweets are kept short so that we enjoy an increase in reader base.

  • Tweet multiple times your post. Even tweet the evergreen old posts and in this way keep your old posts alive on social media by re-sharing.

  • Longer contents are time-consuming and lack user engagement making it less attractive.

    The interface of Twitter itself outlaws long posts and hold-up the policy for keeping it elegant and short. Keeping it short allows the user to interact.

3. Secure traffic by offering visual appeal

Providing visual appeal relates to good images. Your post should have eye-catching images that bring your users attention to your post. Intrigue your followers by posting colorful pictures that they should become curious to check what is more in store for them.

Remember, one important thing, images do attract and so what you tweet should be given high importance. Tweets with images may be re-tweeted in visual marketing and in this course, it enhances the images and supports by default. It means you have to be very careful in posting images and ensure the content is genre and a suitable fit.

4. Tweet at Peak Times and without fail Respond

The peak times vary with each person based on one habit and time zones. Begin by experimenting with time and schedule your posts. Remember to respond always. Suit your audience time and tweet by figuring out the best time. Being active by responding to earlier posts reveals your interest and involvement in your audience responses and audience.

5. Your Tweets should stream your Facebook wall

The Facebook essence cannot be ignored, with respect to marketing, in particular. Facebook is renowned to be effective and good interacting medium among the social networking sites.
Facebook connects worldwide people is well-known, so use this social power of Facebook by streaming your Twitter account. Linking your twitter account with Facebook gives you a chance to see all your activities in one go. Besides, use this time to buy real twitter followers and strengthen your position.

6. Join Twitter Chats and Gain Attention

Participate and host in Twitter chats, the benefits are assured. Yes, a little extra effort is required, but this helps discarding the barrier between the community and in this way you can indulge in meaningful conversations.

Hashtags in Twitter chats play a significant role.  It is simple and just requires you to tweet at designated time using the hashtag.

Bottom Line

Branding and promotions done through Twitter attains excellent results. It increases Twitter engagement, engaged traffic and also elevates your market value. These strategies are sure a win-win!

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