Strong Health with Medical Cannabis

Strong Health with Medical Cannabis

Many questions have been arising from the effects of using marijuana. Some people wonder whether it is an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses. Others believe that it is a tactic for the legalization of the drug to pass. The benefits of medical marijuana have then seemed to be a controversial subject. Persons who have been benefiting from the use of medical cannabis have not been able to present the facts and evidence about it. Many articles have been published to document the significant health benefits connected with the uses of medical marijuana across a vast range of races, ages, genders, and health conditions. Some countries have legalized the usage of the drug for medical purposes and others for recreational purposes. Others legalized medical marijuana for pregnancy.

Marijuana can be used either medically or recreationally. It can be used to treat specific ailments and relieve one of pain as well as make one psychoactive. This article seeks to discuss further the health benefits of using marijuana.

Without getting high

Marijuana constitutes two major compounds; THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). The THC compound is the psychoactive compound which gets people who use it high. The CBD compound, on the other hand, is the non-psychoactive compound which is used majorly for medical purposes. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and it has little intoxicating properties. Its strains have little or no THC, hence patients who use its products rarely complain of any change in consciousness.

They, however, report the health benefits of cannabis such as relieving pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, reducing acne, and treating dangerous life conditions like epilepsy. There are some epileptic conditions which are hard to handle such as Dravet syndrome, a form of childhood epilepsy. Though, the condition retorts intensely to a marijuana strain, Charlotte’s Web. Medical marijuana research also shows that CBD can be used to treat patients with multiple sclerosis and help alcohol or opioid dependency persons to fight their addictions.

Usage of medical cannabis

Medical marijuana is a contentious subject thus many people may wonder, “What is medical marijuana used for?” Medical marijuana has majorly been used to relieve or control pain. It is not that effective and efficient for unadorned pain such as broken bones or post-surgical pain. It is often used to alleviate chronic pain among millions of people as they age. Moreover, a part of its allure is that one cannot overdose or become an addict of it. CBD can be used as an alternative for NSAIDs such as Aleve and Advil as it is more effective and efficient on persons who necessarily do not have to take them because of their kidneys or ulcers issues.

Medical marijuana can also be used to reduce the pain experienced by patients with multiple sclerosis and nerve pain. People who have used CBD to ease the pain from multiple sclerosis have been able to continue with their normal routines without experiencing a disengaging feeling.

Medical marijuana is also known to relax the muscles. It can reduce or ease tremors in the Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, it is quite useful in treating some conditions such as interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis among other situations where the main trail is chronic pain.

Medical marijuana is used to handle nausea and weight loss as well. It can also be used to treat glaucoma. Additionally, it is conveyed to assist persons experiencing pain and wasting disorder connected with HIV.

Many health benefits of medical marijuana have not been proven. But research is still being conducted to affirm whether medical marijuana can be used to help in certain conditions and ailments. Some marijuana health benefits proven are as discussed above.

Doctor’s advice and recommends

As a patient, you may find yourself wanting to know more about the uses and benefits of medical marijuana. However, you feel quite shy or embarrassed to discuss this topic with your doctor. One of the reasons why this is so is because most members of the community have an overly dismissive perception of the matter. Most doctors are trying to catch up and stay ahead of their patient’s acquaintance on the subject. Some people are using medical marijuana but find it hard to talk to their doctors about it because they do not want to end up as critics.

As a patient, it is fundamental to be open and honest with your doctors and to believe in them. Do not let what the society thinks to determine your usage and benefits of medical marijuana. Converse with your doctor and tell them about your considerations on the issue and that you want them to be involved and educated about it so that they can at least guide you in the right path regarding the information you may need.

To doctors, despite being for, neutral, or against medical cannabis, consider the fact that patients are coming to terms with it. You need to be educated and involved in the decisions they make regardless of not having sufficient proof on the benefits of smoking weed. Have an open mind, learn more about it, and do not judge them. This will help them seek your advice rather than that of unreliable sources. Additionally, it will help them enjoy the benefits of using medical marijuana instead of misusing it. Moreover, it will help build a healthy relationship between the doctor and the patient(s).


Medical marijuana, as discussed above is beneficial to one’s health. The advantages of using it are that you not only get to enjoy its benefits but also get to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of the advantages of using medical marijuana are;

  • Relieves chronic pain.
  • Reduces acne.
  • Alleviates cancer-related symptoms.
  • Treats patients with multiple sclerosis.
  • Help treat patients with epileptic conditions.
  • Helps drug addicts fight their addictions.
  • Manages nausea and weight loss.
  • Relaxes the muscles.

These are some of the advantages of using medical marijuana. However, there are also some adverse effects of using medical marijuana. They include mental health issues, respiratory ailments, and testicular cancer.

In conclusion, medical marijuana is a debatable topic. Many countries are on the verge of legalizing its usage while others are not. Medical marijuana is beneficial in various ways which are as discussed above. Many people have been benefitting from its use. However, some people fear using the product because of society’s perception. They ought not to let this determine whether they should use the product or not. Converse with your physicians and seek their advice. Albeit the many advantages, there are some adverse side effects of medical marijuana which are as mentioned above. Nonetheless, medical marijuana is good for one’s health.

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