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Stuck At Home? 4 Brilliant Ideas To Cheer Someone Up

Stuck At Home? 4 Brilliant Ideas To Cheer Someone Up

This pandemic seems to be going forever doesn’t it? Well we are all doing the right thing in staying home and looking after one another, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get down in the dumps from time to time. This is the same for most of us really, those on our own miss company, those of us with family or loved ones miss being alone, it can get a little bit tough from time to time. A great thing which you can do however is to try and put a smile on someone’s face, perhaps if they are having a difficult time of it, and here are some ideas which will help you to do exactly that. 

Have a Zoom Call

Most of us weren’t aware what Zoom was until this lockdown kicked in and now it is fair to say that just about everyone is aware of the video calling service. A great idea to cheer someone up is to get some friends or family together and have a big group call, where you can all see each other’s faces. If you want to go a step further you could even use the call to play a game such as doing a quiz or something like charades. 

Send Some Flowers

There are still many businesses which are operational and flower delivery companies fall into that category. This could be a really lovely thing to do and it is bound to put a smile on your friend or your family member’s face. Flowers will not only make them happy as they have it delivered to their door, they are also a great way of brightening up a property and breathing a bit of life into the home. 

Lay Down The Gauntlet 

Much of what is bringing people down is not having anything to push or strive for, and that can leave us feeling slightly impotent. To change this then, and to cheer someone up, why not throw down the gauntlet and give them a challenge? For example you could both try to learn how to juggle and see who does it first, alternatively you could both do one of the fitness challenges which are popular at the moment on social media. This will give you both something to do and it will give you some fodder when you speak with one another. 

Send Food 

The food delivery industry is firing on all cylinders right now as local restaurants look to do all that they can to stay in business. You can both help out your local restaurant, or indeed a local restaurant, and get some food delivered to your friend or family member. Naturally you may have to give them the heads up about this first, the last thing you want is for them to have cooked a lovely meal only for another one to turn up! Pick their favorite dish and splash out a little to give them a really nice treat. 

Just because we are stuck at home does not mean that we can no longer find ways to cheer each other up. 


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