Style Your House in Relation to Your Wedding

Style Your House in Relation to Your Wedding

A home wedding in an intimate setting is one of the few times a bride can feel like a fairy princess. Apart from being incredibly romantic, it is also a very affordable alternative to hosting large weddings and receptions in outdoor venues. You can bring your own style and that of your partner to the fore without having to worry about others and how they perceive your wedding day, when you exchange wedding rings.

Your home can be made to look thoroughly drool-worthy with a few strategic changes in décor. Artfully arranged decorations, flowers, lights, and maybe a coat of paint or two, are more than enough to transform your home into a wedding venue. All you have to do is worry about the size of the wedding party and how many people you would like to invite for your big day. Many couples that wish to host home weddings prefer keeping their guest list to a minimum.

If you plan to host your wedding at home, you first need to anticipate all the changes that you need to make to your existing décor.

External lighting:

Wedding lights outside the main house and surrounding areas act as an invitation by itself. Think of Christmas decorations, but without the reindeer and candy canes. Add strings of lights around the periphery of your home, in artful circles that go all around the low hedges, rose bushes, existing fencing, and garage.

Lights arranged in colorful piping around the fencing and at the start of the lawn or driveway will help give the entire house a beautiful getup. Strings of fairy lights on the roof of the house, on the external walls, and on trees in the garden will turn your home into a fairytale castle. Small independent houses can be turned into grand venues for weddings and receptions with the help of a few strategically placed lights.

Floral decoration:

Flowers turn the look of all venues. If you have columns and pillars in your house that support the civil work, you could decorate them with garlands of flowers. You could string long ropes of flowers around columns to cover them from head to toe and add to the opulence of your home. Flowers of different types between columns add to the beauty of the ceiling.  They also make the entire house look festive. Setting up an elevated space inside your home to exchange vows and rings can help enhance the wedding day experience for you and your guests. Decorate this makeshift stage with flowers from all 4 sides to cover any new structural additions to space.

If you have any staircases in the house, you could add flowers arrangements to the balustrade and rails. Long stairs with prominent railings can be arranged to look romantic with the help of bouquets of different colors. Displaying various types of fresh smelling flowers near the main entrance to your house can also set the mood for the festivities ahead. Keep adding floral decorations to save money on redoing the entire décor of your house while turning the wedding home into an exotic wedding venue.

Satin cloth arrangements:

Many cultures around the world believe in adding rich looking satin to various parts of the house to change to color scheme and decoration while hosting weddings. If you have small balconies or backyards in your home, you could drape hanging satin in different colors to add to the get up of the entire house. Satin is inexpensive and can be purchased outright or rented for a week or two (till your ceremony and functions end).

If you have a mini-balcony overlooking the living area of your house, you could add satin drapes, hanging cloth and garlands of flowers to add to the beauty of your wedding house. Satin swaths can also be added at the entrance to your home to decorate your main door and add a bit of color to the house.

Apart from all these arrangements in cloth, flowers, and external lighting, you could also set up a small outdoor reception in your backyard if you are willing to keep the reception list to a minimum. Canopies painted in white and decorated with hanging flowers of white, green, and yellow would increase the charm and beauty of your reception ten-fold. You could also have seating arrangements with fairy lights to make the event look even more magical. There are several ways that you could host your wedding in your home if you only make the proper changes in décor to your house.


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