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Styling for Special Occasions with Coloured Contact Lenses



Have you ever wished for a non-surgical, non-permanent way to change your look drastically yet subtly, especially for special occasions? Imyge Health coloured contact lenses might be the game-changer you’re looking for. They provide the most natural-looking lenses that is suited for everyday wear. The art of accessorising has evolved, and coloured contacts have become a fun, creative tool to enhance your overall aesthetic.

Unleashing the Power of Colour

Every colour carries its own unique energy and symbolism. Imagine having the power to change your eye colour to match your mood, attire, or event. You can step into any room exuding the confidence of a royal with regal blue eyes, spark curiosity with enchanting greens, or keep it sultry and mysterious with hazel tones.

Choosing the Right Colour for the Occasion

For formal events, subtler colours like blues, greys or hazels tend to complement elegant attires, adding a level of sophistication. If it’s a more relaxed social event, you might want to experiment with brighter colours. These could serve as conversation starters and are perfect to lighten the mood. Green lenses would be excellent for a garden party, while vibrant violet could be stunning at a summer beach bash.

Matching with Your Makeup

Consider your makeup when choosing the lens colour. For events where heavier makeup is needed, bold coloured lenses can elevate your look. Smoky eyes can be intensified with a pair of dramatic grey lenses, while a romantic, pastel makeup look would pair wonderfully with blue or green lenses. For a minimalist makeup look, go for natural shades such as light brown or honey.

Consider the Lighting

The lighting of the event plays a significant role in how your lenses will look. In natural daylight, softer colours like light brown, grey, or green can look exceptionally stunning. In contrast, for evening events under artificial lighting, you might want to opt for more vibrant colours to make your eyes pop.

Comfort is Key

While styling is crucial, remember that comfort should never be compromised. Imyge lenses are designed with user comfort in mind, providing a seamless experience while helping you make a fashion statement.

Maintenance and Care

Don’t forget that coloured contact lenses require the same level of care as clear lenses. Always wash your hands before handling them, clean them regularly with the appropriate solution, and never wear them longer than recommended.

Express Yourself

Above all, coloured contact lenses are a form of self-expression. Whether you’re attending a formal gala, an intimate gathering, or a costume party/

As you prepare for your next event, consider incorporating coloured contact lenses into your style routine. With the right pair of coloured contacts, your eyes will not only look captivating but also tell a story, one blink at a time. The world is your runway, and your eyes are the spotlight. Don’t just attend an event, make an entrance!

Matching Coloured Contacts with Blue Eyes

For those with blue eyes, enhancing the natural color is often the goal. You can achieve this by opting for lenses that have a blue limbal ring for depth and detail. For a dramatic change, try out honey or light brown tones, which can add a warm touch to your eyes.

Green Lenses: Green contact lenses can provide a mesmerizing and natural look for those with blue eyes. The combination of blue and green can result in an exotic look.

Grey Lenses: Grey lenses on blue eyes can create a unique, icy effect. This can be quite stunning, particularly for formal events or winter occasions.

Brown contact lenses: For a dramatic, yet sophisticated change, consider hazel or light brown lenses. These warm shades provide a striking contrast to blue eyes.

Matching Coloured Contacts with Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed beauties can experiment with a wide variety of coloured contact lenses. Here are some suggestions:

Honey or Amber Lenses: These lenses can add depth and brightness to naturally dark eyes, giving them a unique glow.

Green Lenses: Green lenses on brown eyes can create a naturally captivating look, especially in a shade that’s not too bright but more of a subtle forest green.

Blue Lenses: Blue lenses can create a striking contrast on brown eyes. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a vibrant sapphire blue. For a subtler look, go for a grey-blue shade.

Violet Lenses: For special occasions, why not try something unexpected? Violet lenses can look stunning on brown eyes, particularly under artificial lighting.

It’s important to remember that these are just suggestions and ultimately, the best coloured lenses are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. As with all fashion choices, you’re free to experiment and find the style that best represents you. Have fun exploring it!









A Sweet Summer in Style with Draper James RSVP



Your summer is about ready to sizzle with the sweetest style from Reese Witherspoon‘s Draper James RSVP. 

Kohl’s contemporary, yet timeless Southern style line is now showcasing this season’s best and brightest swimsuits and eyewear. We have fallen in love with all of these amazing new selections and so will you.

Available online and in-stores this glorious collection will carry you away on a magical journey of fashion. Every swimsuit is constructed with the female body in mind and how to create a perfect fit. With sizes ranging from XS-XXL, every body will feel the love from the beach to the pool. 

Summer sizzles with budget-friendly selections that feel like they are worth so much more than the reasonable price range of $48 to $108. The design elements are so uniquely beautiful that each piece represents the passion of the founder. With a mission to be positively wonderful in every way, Draper James RSVP has created fits that are flattering and hold everything in place whether you actively moving or swimming or just lounging on the water with an ice tea.

Sunglasses in the line are equally divine. High fashion meets quality design is what the wearer will find. Each pair frames the face perfectly. Sit in the sun and relax as your eyes will thank you for both being protected and styled in the most dynamic way.

The expansion into swimwear and eyewear is a great complement to the balance of dresses, pants and tops available from the Draper James RSVP collection at Kohl’s. Allowing people to create a full look from Kohl’s at an affordable price there is simply no better way to spend a sweet summer in the sun. 

For more information and a full look of styles to buy to create your own summer magic please visit here.




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Simple Trending Nail Designs For Minimalists




Trending Nail Designs For Minimalists

There are so many reasons why people prefer simple nail designs. If you are a minimalist and love cute nails without having to go the extra with the styling and the length of nails, there are so many ways you can wear your nails to represent that personality. Different nail ideas are mostly about how creative you or your nail artist can get.

You can come up with a nail design that represents your personality. For most people, once they have booked their nail appointment, they find themselves in the dilemma of which is the most perfect design to try. Below are some of the common trending nail designs for minimalists.

  1.     The Negative Space Blooms

This is one of the most colorful nail designs. It majors on adding some color to your nails without necessarily having them painted fully.

You can create this look yourself using a toothpick or any other dotting tool. For intricate designs, remember that it may take a few times before you come up with the look you are aiming to achieve.

  1.     Nude Blooms

You can try the different shades of nude, and for a simpler look, you can try a nude that matches your skin tone. The nude color is considered simple without even combining with any sort of art because it gives some natural vibes.

Depending on your personality, you can spice up things a little bit by designing a few flowers or any other art of choice.

If you do not want to look as natural as it is with most nude shades, you can try out a pinkish nude and use daily nail stickers to make the idea more exciting.

  1.     Dainty Daisies

This simple idea is perfect for lovers of nature. To make it lively, use white and mustard yellow polish. Begin by using the toothpick to create some yellow dots that serve as the center for the blooms. Complete the look by using white polish to paint the surrounding dashes around each yellow dot.

  1.     Sunny Florals

The idea of designing flowers as a piece of art is usually exciting. This idea has its way of representing nature, and it is yet so simple.

You will need a toothpick and yellow, white, and green polish to create this idea. Design the art skillfully on top of a nice basecoat.

  1.     Dip Dye

This nail idea looks fancy and complicated to come up with, but that should not scare you off. The design is quite simple, and you can easily come up with it on your own.

 You will need a few drops of water and nail polish in a water bowl to create this design. The easy part comes in the fact that you will only deepen your nails in the mixture in the bowl and later clean up your cuticles, and you will have achieved this design

  1.     Neon Design

This nail idea applies to all shapes and lengths, but since you are going for a simple look, it would be best to try it on shorter nails.

The definitive feature of this idea is the highlighted swirls that are done using yellow polish on top of a clear base coat. If you don’t like clear base coats, you can try out other neutral basecoats. The aim of the neutral base coat is to ensure that the attention is majorly on the swirls.

  1.     Berry Cute

This is the best nail design idea for lovers of berries. The design is quite simple as you will only need to paint a few flicks and dots with the aim of designing a berry.

  1.     Cute Sunflowers

Sunflowers are naturally cheerful and bring that same vibe when done on your nails as a piece of art. This design is simple to achieve as you only need to dot flowers using yellow polish. Get a single dot to act as the center part and carefully paint the petals around the center part.

  1.     Tiny Butterflies

This idea is perfect and not complicated, as most people may assume coming up with butterfly art is complicated. You can use stickers or design a butterfly with simple lines.  You can get the butterfly art in any color of your choice, but the base coat should be neutral.

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Never Pick The Wrong Nail Polish Ever Again!




There’s nothing quite like a fresh set of nails and the pop of color that comes with it. Choosing the suitable nail polish can be tricky, whether you’re looking for something fun and flashy or prefer something understated for everyday wear. If you’re unsure where to start, never fear; here are some tips to help ensure you select the perfect nail polish for any occasion.

Consider Your Skin Tone – Choose a Color That Will Complement It

When selecting a new nail polish, your skin tone is an essential factor to consider. A flattering shade will make your hands look their best and even detract from flaws. To choose the most complementary hue easily, observe yourself in natural light and note which colors stand out. 

Warmer skin tones pair wonderfully with earthy tones like dark brown and deep reds, while lighter complexions often look best when paired with cooler-toned hues such as a glazed donut gel nail polish or icy blue. Consider these options for an elegantly polished manicure that will turn heads.

Choose a Color That Fits The Occasion 

The right color can make a statement regarding nail polish for special events like holiday parties and weddings; subtle, sophisticated nudes and pastels can give you an elegant look. Meanwhile, for more informal occasions, going with an eye-catching color such as crimson red or electric blue can allow you to express your creativity and flair. 

If you ever doubt what color is appropriate for any occasion, keep the classic colors in mind – they never go out of style!

Consider The Season

Seasonality can be a significant determining factor when picking out the perfect nail polish color. Rich fall tones like burgundies, hazelnuts, and copper will make your look stand out during the cooler months, while bright, glossy hues of teal, turquoise, and lavender shades are perfect for freshening up your style in spring. 

Punchy shades of coral and pink will help elevate your summer look, while winter whites and pale taupe are the ideal choices to keep your nails on-trend throughout winter. Consider the season before you decide—it could add just the right touch to make your look unforgettable!

Think About The Environment You’re In

When you’re choosing nail polish, remember to consider the environment you’re in. Some venues, such as business meetings or conservative family events, maybe too formal for more brightly colored polishes; in those instances, a subtle, neutral shade is usually the most appropriate. On the other hand, more expressive colors may be welcome—and even encouraged—at more casual social gatherings and special occasions.

Research Brands And Pick One With Good Customer Reviews

When choosing the perfect nail polish, researching brands and reading customer reviews is a great place to start. Research can help you make the best choice for your next manicure. Look for brands with comments about the ease of application and length of wear. Additionally, make sure to take into account color selection and if the product has been tested for chemicals and toxins. 

Look At Other People’s Nails to Get Inspiration

Sometimes, the most helpful thing to do is to look around and get inspiration from what other people are rocking on their nails. Looking at what’s trending in nail art may provide you with some creative ideas and help you decide which color palette or design looks best on you. Additionally, perusing through makeup tutorials can offer insight into what kind of nail art looks good on different skin tones and if certain combinations complement each other well. 

With so many nail polish options, choosing the perfect color for any occasion can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be, as selecting the suitable nail polish should be an exciting experience! Whether you opt for the traditional red or go off the beaten path with a bolder color, playing around with different shades of lacquer will bring lots of joy and satisfaction.

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226 Collective is Casting For a Social Media Photo and Video Shoot at Times Square Hotel



On Thursday, April 20, 226 Collective is casting for a social media photo and video shoot with lodging provided from Wednesday, April 19 to Friday, April 21.  Shoots from sunrise to sunset.

They are looking for couples on vacation, a woman and a man, between the ages of 36 to 60.

The casting notice asked for “An attractive, photogenic, and fit man and woman in their late 40s to early 50s to play the role of ‘Couple on Vacation. While not required, real couples are encouraged to apply.”

226 Collective is also looking for same-sex couples for the shoot.

“Attractive, photogenic, and fit men between 21-35 to play the role of ‘Same-Sex Male Couple on Vacation.”

Also looking for male-female couples between the ages of 21 and 32. Same requirements

A headshot and experience in modeling is required for the shoots. The shoot pays $500 for the day,

For more information, click here.

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9 Celebrities who have spoken out about being photoshopped

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Photo: Shutterstock

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