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Stylish and Sexy Purple Hair Colour Ideas That Will Impress You



Maybe you have used those dull colours all your life. This should be the time to be courageous and try one of these purple hair colour ideas for 2019.

Stylish and Sexy Purple Hair Colour Ideas That Will Impress You

Purple hair colour has become famous, and that is why it is the talk of the town right now.  We are currently witnessing one of the significant hair colour trends in the hairstyling scene. With varying hues of violet, lilac and lavender to choose from, there will always be an ideal colour for you to pick when it comes to bold and versatile hues.

And everyone is pretty falling in love with the purple colour and the reasons are obvious; this colour is stylish and depicts class and elegance. We collected the best and striking purple hair ideas that will leave everyone staring at you whenever you pass. Take a gander and choose the most appropriate one for you. 

1: Purple Magic.

This ombre is a beautiful combination of shades. The messy brown tresses take on purple hue at the medium length of this style. The purple colour begins with light pink undertones and instantly takes on bold blue tones. The outcome is pretty magical.

2: Midnight Ombre.

We all agree that the combination of black and purple hair is second to none. This combo gives your style a complete justice as expected when you choose this colour blend. The natural black colour is shaded using the darkest purple to provide a seamless style that is appealing. It is very hard to know where the purple colour starts and ends and where the black starts.

3: Purple Sombre.

This hairdo could be what you were dreaming of achieving one day. The bold and rich purple is maintained heavy at the base and then faded out to light ashy lavender. The colour transformation is so unexpected, and you don’t see it unless you contrast the colour at the base and that at the ends.

4: Displaced Purple.

We love movement. This is the idea the purple hair is based on. The stunning ombre begins with massive eggplant base and fades to a lavender colour. The hints of blue-violet placed strategically at the mid-lengths enhance dimension and movement to this glam style. If you always find your hair boring, this is the right hairstyle to give it life.

5: Plum Blend.

These are among some of the richest colours that you can possibly smell and taste them. The combination in this look is a true show of perfection. The natural tan perfectly transitions into a chocolate-plum hue. This style is pretty versatile, and it will rock your looks throughout the year.

6: Molten Lilac.

No terms can correctly define this style. This style has stolen the hearts of many women due to one visible thing; its elegance. The roots of this hairstyle feature amethyst tones. The change through the medium lengths on the pastel violet undertone and ends culminate into a beautiful lilac.

7: Purple Infinity.

We cannot isolate braids and shaded hair. These two are like twins. This style incorporates a spontaneous melt at the mid-lengths. The change begins with dark purple that blends the purple and brown. This ombre is ideal for all hair textures and types, and all skin tones.

8: Gothic Fairy-tale.

This is among the best purple hair look that is collectively put together, and we couldn’t complete this list without it. The gothic roots melt quickly to a bright lilac. So if you have been looking for an appropriate style to show the Goth in you, this is the best style customised explicitly for you. 

9:Dusty Lavender.

The ashy hues in this hairstyle have everyone swooning. The grey base on the style melts to a light lavender that then takes up light ashy hues as it melts out. The ashy hues enhance texture and depth, making this ideal look style for women with thin hair. 

10: Soft Purple Silk.

This is without a doubt the smoothest purple hair ombre we have seen so far. The roots are kept black and the colour transitions to grey then to beautiful lustrous violet. It seems it uses grey tones to promote dimension and movement.


Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents Shani Grosz, Dee Rivera, Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa



“Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents”, is a new show that is filmed live every Wednesday from 5 – 6 in the lobby of the iconic Hotel Edison, before a live audience. We will run the video on our site every Thursday and then it moves onto the podcast networks.

In this episode T2C’s publisher and owner Suzanna Bowling talks with Dee Rivera, Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa. This show was all about women entrepreneurs and empowering women. 
We were so proud because the show and our guests are now featured on the TV screens in the lobby and the hotel rooms.

I am so grateful to my guests Dee, Shani, Daniela and Jane for joining me. Thank-you Magda Katz for videoing and creating the content to go live, the audience who showed up to support us, Rommel Gopez and The Hotel Edison  for their kindness and hospitality.

We hope to see you there on February 28th. We will announce our guests shortly.

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Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents Has Added One More Guest Dee Rivera



Women entrepreneur and empowering women is what this week’s podcast and show is about. Joining our guests Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa is the fabulous Dee Rivera.

Dee Rivera is considered by many the Latina of fashion and the trailblazer in discovering new designers, bringing nearly 25 years of fashion and public relations experience, and working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands, and celebrities in the world, Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend.

Dee’s background started in editorial fashion working for magazines such as Modern Bride Magazine, Essence Communication, and spent 3 years as the Director of Fashion at Latina Magazine. Her career shifted when she decided to dabble into public relations. Ever the entrepreneur, the rest is history. She is the creator of, Latinista Fashion Week, Hamptons Fashion Week, Times Square Fashion Week, and the author of Glambition Knocking Down Walls in Heels. As CEO and founder of DCG Public Relations and DCG Media Group, Dee is an expert at crafting and delivering the messages of her brands to the media, and consumers alike. She works tirelessly to secure the top print outlets as well as high profile digital magazines, blogs, and national TV with a gift of the pen and a flair for the dramatic, she is also a jet setting lifestyle writer, forthcoming author, and animal lover. Her goal is to have a farm & rescue all animals who need a home.

Follow her at IG: @dcgpublicrelations

“Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents”, is a new show that is filmed live every Wednesday from 5 – 6 in the lobby of the iconic Hotel Edison, before a live audience. To see our first episode click here and our second episode click here. Please join us this Wednesday at 5pm in the Edison Hotel lobby for this exciting chat.

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Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents Our Guests Shani Grosz, Daniela Z Reginato and Jane Elissa



Women entrepreneur and empowering women is what this week’s podcast and show is about. I am so pleased to announce our guests Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa.

Shani Grosz

For over two decades, Shani Grosz has created beautiful dresses for women. Her signature line is known for its use of color blocking and cutting-edge tailoring, creating the perfect silhouettes.

Shani Grosz Fashion

Her message is very clear: See the dress but FOCUS on the woman. She dresses News anchors, Broadway stars, television personalities and many more in the entertainment industry who flock to Shani. Shani’s designs are like the perfect little black dress –something every woman needs in her wardrobe that she can always count on to let her look her best. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Shani, is an internationally recognized designer with over two decades as the President and Designer of SHANI Collection. She has won many prestigious design awards for her well executed vision of “Wearable Art”. Shani works closely at developing up and coming talent. Shani designs for the modern woman, celebrating her multi-faceted lifestyle that allows her to be both feminine and strong.

Daniela Z Reginato

Daniela Zahradnikova Reginato, has over twenty years experience in haute couture, fashion distribution, customer acquisition and retention, marketing strategy, relationship management and social-media-driven market development.

Daniela Z Reginato Fashion

Following the launch of a successful and lucrative modeling career, Mrs. Reginato had leadership positions at the Mercer Hotel, Georgio’s in FL, Domenico Vacca and  Zoom, Southampton, NY where daily sales volumes averaged $10,000. Mrs. Reginato co-founded Space Sixteen, SoHo and Southampton, NY, where she served as Creative Director and Marketing Strategist.

Daniela in Daniela Z Reginato Fashion

In these capacities Mrs. Reginato identified emerging trends and nurtured leading designers, NFP, Fairchild Baldwin, Andraab, Casana, AGF, Tusk, Lorenz-Bach, Giorgio of Palm Beach, Olfactive Studio and Victor DeSouza each.  She recruited King Saladeenn, Craig Holt, Edwina Sandys and Jeffrey Teresen to provide artistic works. Mrs. Reginato also founded and funded Yoy Dally, an NGO dedicated to increasing awareness of the plight of the Romani children of Eastern Europe with links to a cultural center in Bucharest for Romani children and in concern with the Roma delegation to the United Nations, Office of Foreign Missions.  Specifically, Mrs. Reginato’s work focused on addressing the harsh treatment of Romani children in Eastern European schools including bullying, low graduation rates and educational under achievement.

Jane Elissa and Mauricio Martinez, a past recipient of the benefit’s Shining Star Award. Photo by Eleanor Tivnan.

For the past 25 years fashion designer, artist/designer and author Jane Elissa has been voluntarily raising money for cancer and leukemia research through her benefits and designs. She is also an advocate for Leukemia Research. Her whimsical hats have become best-sellers and her handmade creations have been collected by people from all over the world.

Jane Elissa luggage

Her unique one of a kind- appliqued, beaded, jeweled and painted NY pieces are made to inspire us to have a whimsical and positive vision of life. Her Victorian and Deco inspired retro pieces are collectibles that use vintage fabrics in combination with new ones to bring the past into the present.

Jane Elissa luggage

All of Jane’s works reflect her unique talent of putting unexpected pieces together in a collage to create a story. She not only encourages you to try and imagine “her” story, but also to see into the works and create your own. With her commitment to charity and her expert craftsmanship, she’s proud to present these works for sale.

Jane Elissa jacket

“Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents ”, is a new show that is filmed live every Wednesday from 5 – 6 in the lobby of the iconic Hotel Edison, before a live audience. To see our first episode click here and our second episode click here. Please join us this Wednesday at 5pm in the Edison Hotel lobby for this exciting chat.

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It Was A Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream Ending Fashion Week Shani Grosz



Nobody puts on a fashion show like Shani Grosz. Closing out the week Shani’s over the top “A Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream” display over at the Copacabana at West 51st Street was part Moulin Rouge and part circus.

You were greeted with performances and trucks handing out vintage popcorn.

Shani and newscasters

Gracie Gold

In the audience were the actresses, athletes and television news anchors Shani dresses. I saw Rita Crosby and the two-time U.S. national champion and Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold whose new memoir just came out.

The fashion was ultra feminine and flattered every women’s figure. Shani Grosz’s dresses have such a flattering fit, that she makes every woman look like a superstar. Her clothes are timeless, elegant, her fabrics are sourced from all over the world. Feathers, beading, embroidery, Swarovski crystals. and sequins create a floaty, dreamy feeling, but these are women who have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Shani has dressed thousands of women who because of the career and life styles must look fabulous and feel comfortable, because there is an audience watching their every move. Grosz knows how to make all women look and feel their best, no matter what their job is.

The Shani’s Collections are sold at Saks and Nordstrom. The Focus by Shani line is available at Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th and Kohl’s. Both collections are available online at

Grosz creates a new dress collection twice a year, her clothes are so timeless they will never goes out of style.

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Front Row at César Galindo



César Galindo’s is a highly sought-after A-list designer, stylist, with an uncanny flair for beautiful creative visions.

Over 35 years in the business, Cesar’s designs have been seen in Houston, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and Milan. He has creating paradigm-shifting designs that have shaped iconic brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein.

He has helped establish and grow brands such as L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, the Kimora Lee Simmons Collection, and the newest launch of Baby Phat. Three Cesar Galindo gowns stunned patrons of Diane Von Furstenberg’s prestigious MET gala, including one for the hostess herself.

As a stylist, Cesar has created eye-popping, jaw-dropping red-carpet styles for A-listers, including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Courteney Cox, and Missy Elliott.

His career journey began with a stint designing corsets a

and period costumes for The Miami City Ballet and The Houston Grand Opera.

His clothes this season were elegant, and old world glamorous.

With sequins and rich jewel colors. This is a collection that is wearable and will make you stand out in any event.

It was fun watching Consuelo Vanderbuilt walking the runway, showing fashion is timeless.

The hair by Eddie Wunderlich, was so chic, simple and high fashion. He truly knows how to show off the glamor of fabulous fashion. Eddie along with Dee Rivera invited me to experience César Galindo’s stunning work and I am so glad they did.

At the show was writer and socialite Dena McCoy, make-up artist Amanda Dobery, artist Roger Sichel, Michael Hershman the CEO of the Soloviev Foundation, Fashion industry expert Ezequiel De La Rosa and so many more. fashion is definitely alive in NYC,


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