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Stylish and Sexy Purple Hair Colour Ideas That Will Impress You

Stylish and Sexy Purple Hair Colour Ideas That Will Impress You

Maybe you have used those dull colours all your life. This should be the time to be courageous and try one of these purple hair colour ideas for 2019.

Stylish and Sexy Purple Hair Colour Ideas That Will Impress You

Purple hair colour has become famous, and that is why it is the talk of the town right now.  We are currently witnessing one of the significant hair colour trends in the hairstyling scene. With varying hues of violet, lilac and lavender to choose from, there will always be an ideal colour for you to pick when it comes to bold and versatile hues.

And everyone is pretty falling in love with the purple colour and the reasons are obvious; this colour is stylish and depicts class and elegance. We collected the best and striking purple hair ideas that will leave everyone staring at you whenever you pass. Take a gander and choose the most appropriate one for you. 

1: Purple Magic.

This ombre is a beautiful combination of shades. The messy brown tresses take on purple hue at the medium length of this style. The purple colour begins with light pink undertones and instantly takes on bold blue tones. The outcome is pretty magical.

2: Midnight Ombre.

We all agree that the combination of black and purple hair is second to none. This combo gives your style a complete justice as expected when you choose this colour blend. The natural black colour is shaded using the darkest purple to provide a seamless style that is appealing. It is very hard to know where the purple colour starts and ends and where the black starts.

3: Purple Sombre.

This hairdo could be what you were dreaming of achieving one day. The bold and rich purple is maintained heavy at the base and then faded out to light ashy lavender. The colour transformation is so unexpected, and you don’t see it unless you contrast the colour at the base and that at the ends.

4: Displaced Purple.

We love movement. This is the idea the purple hair is based on. The stunning ombre begins with massive eggplant base and fades to a lavender colour. The hints of blue-violet placed strategically at the mid-lengths enhance dimension and movement to this glam style. If you always find your hair boring, this is the right hairstyle to give it life.

5: Plum Blend.

These are among some of the richest colours that you can possibly smell and taste them. The combination in this look is a true show of perfection. The natural tan perfectly transitions into a chocolate-plum hue. This style is pretty versatile, and it will rock your looks throughout the year.

6: Molten Lilac.

No terms can correctly define this style. This style has stolen the hearts of many women due to one visible thing; its elegance. The roots of this hairstyle feature amethyst tones. The change through the medium lengths on the pastel violet undertone and ends culminate into a beautiful lilac.

7: Purple Infinity.

We cannot isolate braids and shaded hair. These two are like twins. This style incorporates a spontaneous melt at the mid-lengths. The change begins with dark purple that blends the purple and brown. This ombre is ideal for all hair textures and types, and all skin tones.

8: Gothic Fairy-tale.

This is among the best purple hair look that is collectively put together, and we couldn’t complete this list without it. The gothic roots melt quickly to a bright lilac. So if you have been looking for an appropriate style to show the Goth in you, this is the best style customised explicitly for you. 

9:Dusty Lavender.

The ashy hues in this hairstyle have everyone swooning. The grey base on the style melts to a light lavender that then takes up light ashy hues as it melts out. The ashy hues enhance texture and depth, making this ideal look style for women with thin hair. 

10: Soft Purple Silk.

This is without a doubt the smoothest purple hair ombre we have seen so far. The roots are kept black and the colour transitions to grey then to beautiful lustrous violet. It seems it uses grey tones to promote dimension and movement.

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