Summer Astrology for All Signs

Summer Astrology for All Signs

Cancer: Happy Birthday Cancer! You are coming upon a final cycle this summer. More then ever you will count on you intuition to bring about wise conclusions. You will not be easily led, instead you will make positive choices, taking progressive action toward your goals. A hot romance is on the way in August; don’t get all steamy as this is just what you need to relieve your stress. Enjoy the positive attention from friends and co-workers as the Sun moves into Cancer, and let your creativity shine! The Sun is in your house of self, which marks a new year of personal growth. This is a time get in touch with your deepest desires. Don’t ignore secret talents. Now is your time to shine!

Leo: Honestly Leo, you got it pretty good kitty. Count your blessings as a fabulous start to summer. Your friends and good fortune make this a summer to revel in. Time to take care of health issues you have been putting off. Go outside and get active. Get involved in projects so that your creative abilities will shine through. The Solstice Sun in your 12th house of spirit renews your connection to your dreams, higher self and intuition. Tune into these subtle levels of reality and recharge your batteries. Reinvent yourself before making a comeback. Give your self some downtime and have a fab time in seclusion, by yourself! Tap into your spiritual side and refresh yourself.

Virgo: Go play! And if you’ve been thinking of leaving a dull job, now is the time to fire into your dream career! You feel you deserve respect from friends and co-workers. Remember respect reflects leadership. Are you a good leader? How are your communication skills? With vision and foresight you will have the opportunity to lead new projects. Have poise, confidence and believe in others abilities to help build things up. Do not critically take them down. In your 11th house of teamwork, you are to nurture connections with friends and allies. Networking, volunteering, helping others or simply socializing with friends revitalizes your inspiration. Your old ways of doing things are no longer serving you. Remember it is better to give than receive, but there is a second part to that…in giving you receive more than you have given.

Libra: Put your summer on hold till winter as a long-awaited career break is approaching. The Sun shines on your 10th house of career. Time to renew your enthusiasm and ambitions. When you’re working at full capacity you’ll be nearly inexhaustible as you promote yourself publicly in order to improve your professional presence or change your purpose completely. Just remember God created a day of rest. Looking for answers? Look inside. You have an analytical mind and an eye for detail. Research and you will find the answers to your questions. Connect with a long lost family member for insight.

Scorpio: Take a trip abroad to a famous city you’ve never seen — and romance may just come a knocking. Your 9th house of expansion means it’s time to think outside the box. Escape the ordinary and encountering the unknown. This is a fabulous time for travel, adventure and taking risks. They will pay off in a big way both personally, emotionally and romantically. Enjoy the ride — with just a little caution thrown in.

Sagittarius: Some extra cash is on it’s way to you which will help you lighten up. Enjoy the windfall. Yearning for more then possessions? Do you seek out a spiritual union? Balance is a key here. This summer transformation is certain. Surround yourself with others who inspire you. You have been blessed with financial gain, this will fund your mission. Rewards will be forthcoming and you are feeling generous. Your 8th house of intimacy intensifies your desire to bond deeply with your current partner or is it time to attract a new partner? To make this happen, you’ll need to narrow your focus and let go of the past and expectations that have held you down. This could be one hot summer!

Capricorn: It’s all about love for you, so expect a current relationship to exceed expectations and blow your mind or be on the lookout for The One! This summer the sun is shining on your 7th house of partnerships. Tune into others’ emotional needs and focus on giving and receiving support. Although you feel more comfortable acting alone, now is not the time to seek connection. This holds tru of business relationships as well this is a time to connect and collaborate.

Aquarius: Enjoy the exciting turn work takes! Revamp your daily routine with a better diet and exercise regimen. Your openness unlocks doors that lead you to your life purpose. New people enter your life this summer, these people show you unconditional love and give you that supportive edge that allows you to move up and secure your place as a person top in your field. The sun energizes your 6th house of self, inviting you to nurture yourself by improving your work and self-care habits. Tone down your busy brain and tune into your feelings and thoughts to identify how you can simplify your schedule and experience a greater sense of support.

Pisces: This summer your 5th house of fun and romance is activated. The Sun draws attention to the needs of your heart. Renew your inspiration by making time to play and reconnect with the child within. As you’re rediscovering your youthful side, you will rediscover the traits and talents that can make you a more sensual lover and partner. Swim through the wealth of love and creativity that will be flooding you — take on a new project! If you are an artist now is the time to let those creative juices flow. Visualize what you want and it will come.

Aries: The Sun in your 4th house of foundations and it challenges you to strengthen your base of support. The way to getting your own needs met is to increase your sensitivity to others’ feelings and express your desires with compassion. I do not mean to chastise you, but you have been all about yourself and now if you do not take care and start to nurture those around you this summer, you will find yourself alone in the coming years. Taking a trip to the beach? Why not make a party out of it.

Taurus: Take a few short vacations near water. Oceans, lakes or rivers will infuse you with energy and a peace of mind. Enjoy the romantic attention you’ll attract! As your 3rd house of connections has been activated. Connect deeper with the people you see every day. When you speak, listen from your heart, as seemingly random conversations will bring unexpected insights. There are truths you do not know and they will start to reveal themselves. Your community or work will also bring a new recognition and that attention holds some valuable keys.

Gemini: Spend time on the people and activities you love; if you’re sick of your job, now is the time to find a more rewarding one! The sun illuminates your house of resources and finances are the focus here. Get clear about what you’ve got and what you need. Make a practical plan and start to build a stronger base of security. New ideas and your innate talents hold the key to solving this dilemma. This summer a second job might just do the trick. Remember the tale of the grasshopper and the ants. You can do it!

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