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Summer Time And Your Dogs Need it Easy

Summer Time And Your Dogs Need it Easy

Each season has its own special joys and challenges when living with a dog. The summer is no different. Depending on your breed, you’ll need to do a few things to keep your dog healthy. Mainly, you’ll be focused on grooming, feeding and watering, air conditioning, and play time.

Different Breeds, Different Fur

If your dog has a longer coat, it’s important to have it cut short in the summer. This will help your dog stay cool since their fur will be cut close to their skin, allowing for maximum coolness. Keeping fur cut helps reduce fleas, as there is less fur for the harmful pests to get lost in. Ticks are also deterred; they are now easier to spot.

Keep your dog’s fur maintained regularly over the summer to keep them healthy, even if they do not have their coat trimmed the rest of the year.

Staying Hydrated, Staying Healthy

Your dog needs lots of fresh water during the hotter months of the year. Hydration is the single most important thing for the hot days. Always keep fresh water out, and refill as needed. If you’re not going to be home for long, leave an extra bowl. You can put extra out next to their food; Rottweiler puppy food, for example, goes well by their extra water.

Outdoor dogs must have a shady spot in the summer and several bowls of fresh water. They should never be tied up. They might choke, or they might not be able to reach their water.

Indoor dogs needs proper air conditioning. If your house doesn’t have central heat and air, you need lots of open air flow: windows and fans. Never leave your dog in too hot of a space. They can die.

Never leave your dog in a hot car with the windows closed. This can also harm them, to a fatal point.

Play Time

Water activities are great for summer months, so if you have a water-loving breed, plan on a trip to the lake or the river. They’ll love getting wet, and you’ll have a great time knowing they’re happy and well cared for.

For trips to the dog park, make extra certain to bring a water bowl. Your pets will be hot and tired after playing with other dogs, and they’ll need hydration as soon as they’re done playing. Never wait until you get home; always hydrate early and frequently. You don’t want to give your dog the chance to get dehydrated.

Watch for signs of dehydration. Dogs pant when they’re hot, but panting for too long can be a sign of concern. If your dog is overly tired, has vomiting or diarrhea during the summer months, or pants or drools too often, among other symptoms that you should talk to your veterinarian about, they may be dehydrated. Moistening food in the summer can help get extra water into your dog; also, treats like small pieces of apple and carrot will help, both foods that contain extra water.

See your vet if you think your pet might be dehydrated. They’ll help you get back on the track to perfect health.


Fung Shui Pet

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