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Support healthcare during Coronavirus through virtual medicine – Ram Duriseti

Support healthcare during Coronavirus through virtual medicine – Ram Duriseti

As the pandemic inflicts catastrophe to the entire medical system, virtual care has come into the limelight and assists the caregivers in helping people who are affected by the virus. The platform of telemedicine or virtual medicine involves clinics consulted online where professionals are available round-the-clock.

Telemedicine has played a vital role in medical care during the coronavirus outbreak. It has many applications in health care, but these virtual care mechanics have few restrictions when it concerns the treatment of patients for disease. In addition to that, telemedicine may lead to hospitals getting subjugated lest it is well organized. Hospitals need to be tuned with telehealth during the virus outbreak.

Ram Duriseti’s guide to Implementation of telemedicine during a pandemic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, virtual care is a valuable and strong remedy for safeguarding against, treating, and eliminating the spread of the virus. Telemedicine is serving as a branch between doctors, patients, and medical management, helping the masses, especially the ones affected by the virus to stay in quarantine by allowing them to undergo their treatment virtually under telehealth. Infirmaries and nursing homes are deploying telehealth method for the treatment of the diseased people.

Looming up with telehealth

Predominantly established as an interchange of health information using telemedicine, the industry has developed including mechanics to track patients’ medical status, such as automated stethoscopes, e-otoscopes, and other tools home-based. Doctors can examine many diseases digitally. Whether it is mental or physical health, there is an app for everything that establishes connections between patients and doctors. Telemedicine is recently identified as a vital solution to keep infected patients at bay for minimizing the risk of infection. 

Furthermore, telemedicine also reserves hospitals for emergency services only. Telehealth solutions categorize patients based on emergency preceding their visits to infirmaries. It helps in minimal face-to-face interactions for minor medical ailments. 

Belittling the perils of the virus to medical staffs

The doctors and staff are working on full swing in the combat zones of the hospitals. It is difficult for them to sort patients based on the level of risks. Telehealth facilitates this objective, thus enabling cutback of danger for the medical staff as well as patients. It also lowers the risk of communication of the deadly virus.

Pharmacists can ship pathological medicines to the residence of the patients. Moreover, patients with mild lung infections can be easily examined regularly. In case of a change in health condition, the doctor can immediately take action. Since it is around the clock service, patients are comfortable to contact their healthcare providers at any hour of the day during this challenging phase.

Dwindling the load from hospitals

Telehealth curbs the burden on clinics and nursing homes as they tackle the communication of the virus. While physicians like Ram Duriseti have to devote time to examining many patients simultaneously, it is easier for doctors to do it via telehealth. The facility of e-waiting rooms abjures patients from cramming up and saves them from becoming vulnerable to the virus.

Hospitals are ready to deal with critical situations, but they have not applied telemedicine in many years. As the medical management combats coronavirus, hospitals are increasingly embracing telemedicine mechanisms to reduce the communication of the virus. It is helping the management limit subjection to the battlegrounds of COVID-19


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