Sustainable Ways To Start Eating Healthy

Sustainable Ways To Start Eating Healthy

Ever since my early twenties, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to start eating healthy. The number of New Year’s resolutions I’ve given up on, diets that worked for the first two weeks, and self-destructive binges, must be in the thousands. While I’m able to make those resolutions and start dieting, I inevitably fall back into my old patterns.

Until recently, that is, when I changed my perspective. I had always blamed myself for my failure to stick to a diet. But the reality is that assigning blame is pointless. If I cannot sustain a particular eating plan, then that plan will not work for me no matter how much I beat myself up.

In other words, it is not just a matter of willpower. We need to give ourselves as much help as possible if we are to keep going.

These are some of the sustainable techniques I have started using.

Order meal kits (instead of cooking)

Meal kit delivery services have become very popular over the past few years – this Home Chef review puts it into perspective. They can be exactly what you need to maintain a healthy eating plan.

One of the major problems with most diets is that they require a lot of food prep. This can be exciting at first, as you learn some new recipes and feel the benefits of eating your own creations. However, it soon becomes tedious. Few of us want to cook after returning home from a full work day.

Meal kit delivery services take most of the work out of cooking. You can order meals according to your nutritional preferences and needs (with some kits even catering to popular diets). You will receive the ingredients, chopped and ready, and you simply need to put your meal together.

This also ensures you don’t waste ingredients, saving you money while making it easier to be eco-friendly.

Work with a nutritionist

Not everyone can afford to see a nutritionist on a regular basis, but you should aim to do so at least once. One of the problems with trendy diets is that they take a one-size-fits-all approach. Not only is this unsustainable for most people, but it can lead to health problems. Your body might not be ready to cut out carbs or eat so much protein or run on juice. On the contrary, these methods can damage your body.

A nutritionist will give you personalized advice, based on your age, the weight you should be aiming for, your blood type, and more. They also go a step further and help you design a meal plan that caters to your actual lifestyle and preferences. They understand better than anyone that sustainability is key when it comes to healthy eating, and will make sure your meal plan is made up of meals you have the time to prepare, that you will enjoy, and that will make you feel good.

Fad diets take a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight and becoming healthier. They tend to extol the eating plan and blame any failure on the individual. However, the truth is that for most of us, these diets are unsustainable. Rather than beating yourself up, find a way to create a healthy eating plan that will work for you in the long term.


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