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Tactics To Employ When Starting an Essay

Tactics To Employ When Starting an Essay

When students are writing essays, the most difficult time they have is when they are writing the introduction. We often find ourselves with writer’s block, struggling with writing the first sentence of the essay. The introduction of the essay is perhaps the most crucial part of the essay, because this is when you will be proving to your readers that your essay is worth reading. In order to help you out with the introductory section of the essay, we have compiled a list of thing you can do to make it more interesting to the reader. You could also take help from paperhelp if you are short on time. So let’s get into it!

  • Including the Thesis in the introduction

This is usually the most popular strategy that people use for their introductory sections. The thesis statement comprises all the ideas of your essay as a whole in a sentence or two, but you should be subtle about it instead of directly stating what the essay is about. 

  • Posing a question to the readers

Questions give the impact of mysteriousness, and are usually quite effective in enticing the readers to continue reading. However, this also depends on your topic. Questions tend to work with topics that are more sensitive and leaning towards the controversial side. Your question should make the reader think about the topic, which is a good way of encouraging them to read it further.

  • Using a fact that is interesting

In order to instigate some interest in your essay, you can start by telling the reader about a novel fact of the topic. Finding out about an interesting fact that we initially were not aware of is always fun to know, which is why it makes it a good way to begin writing an essay.

  • Begin with a revelation

Depending on what your topic is, you could begin by writing about a recent discovery you have made or stumbled upon. This always gives the essay a more casual tone, and makes it fun to read. For example, “I finally know why people do ….” 

  • Describing a location that is relevant to your topic

This tends to work if your essays are about a place, or country specifically. You can start by painting a vivid picture of that location for the readers, which will set the mood and take them to where that place is. 

  • Begin with a personal incidence or a historical event

While this won’t work for every type of essay, but if the topic involves you to be more personal, starting with an incident you experienced is quite an effective way to write an introductory paragraph. This dramatizes the essay, and makes the reader feel like they are reading an interesting story that is also informative. 

On the contrary, you can start writing about an event that occurred in the past which is relevant to your topic. This will enable you to make a comparison of the past and the present and allow you to make deduction of any changes or similarities.


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