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Take a Sneak Peek at Amazing Dessert Options That You Will Crave for Every time

Take a Sneak Peek at Amazing Dessert Options That You Will Crave for Every time
  • Delicious and fluffy semolina curd cake

It is fall and you very well know what that means: it is time to try best recipes and dinnertime is not complete without a piece of savory semolina cake for dessert. If you opt for a sweet after-dinner treat, think of this fluffy cake for a change. This semolina-flavored cake stands undefeated when it comes to dessert options. 

Apart from its tasty color, this delicious cake is equally full-flavored with a hint of semolina besides sugar. The marriage of flour, sugar, eggs, a cup of milk, semolina and food flavors makes for a sweet, tangy, and earthy flavor that achieves just that. This cake recipe makes the perfect addition to your dessert autumn menu. 

  • Appetizing red velvet cake

Traditionally the appealing red velvet cake originates from the Victorian era during which, Victorians served it as a fancy dessert. The name “Velvet” best describes its texture, meaning it is soft and tasty too. The ancient velvet cake had no added food coloring to the traditional red-crimson chocolate layer so adding flavors can spoil the taste. 

The red-brown color is simply by courtesy of rich-cocoa added to it. Some Americans quickly got wind of this amazing cake recipe thus invented a better idea of adding beetroots to the cake for color and flavor. 

This cake’s popularity contributes further to more nations serving it as a dessert. In recent years, red velvet cupcakes become increasingly popular in the world with the US at the forefront.  

Its classy chocolaty flavor and its multi-layered ermine icing add more color and flavor to this dessert option served by many people all over the world. If you are looking for the best dessert savory treat, this one might just be it. 

  • Pumpkin dressed pancakes

If you think pancakes are a breakfast food only, think again. Nowadays many people prefer eating pancakes at any time of the day. Similar to waffles, you can eat pancakes at any time of the day.  The choice is yours if you settle on leavened pumpkin pancakes or fluffy yeast pancakes. 

The taste of this flat cake prepared from starch-based or non-starch batter of milk, eggs, and butter is exquisite. Most of the times adding pumpkin seeds to the batter before pan-frying provides you a healthy snack to last you a whole day. Apart from the feeling of fullness throughout the day, they are also a healthy option for you. 

For a sugary taste, pumpkin pancakes are mostly served with either a sweet or savory filling. This simply means dressing it with either honey, jam, chocolate or groundnuts even cheese cream blends well with pancakes. 

The beauty of serving pancakes to your loved ones is that there is no specific time to serve them. Pancakes are a perfect breakfast option, brunch with friends or even dessert after consuming your dinner. 

These amazing dessert options comprising of pastries, leave a lasting impression to last you a lifetime. The sweeter it is better because dessert is the last meal course so you need to make it count every time. Do not crave for unhealthy dessert foods anymore; these foods can satisfy your cravings anytime.

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