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Tallit Bar Mitzvah from Israel-The New Trend of 2019

Tallit Bar Mitzvah from Israel-The New Trend of 2019

Does choosing a Tallit for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah sometimes feel like a huge challenge?

Well, it happens to me some years back when I was about 13 years. It was a huge challenge because, for me, it was making sure that I have the perfect garment.

Something you may not know is, Tallit is an emotional period for a young boy or girl’s life. That’s why choosing the right Tallit is essential.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to buy or what to choose, but in this article, I want to share with you 5 tips you need to consider when you are purchasing a Tallit.

Okay, let’s begin:

Look for the Right Size

Tallit comes in two sizes. You can either go for a traditional tallit gadol or a shawl size. 

The big differences between a Tallit and Shawl lie in their sizes. For instance, a tallit gadol is large and is draped up and folded on the child’s shoulder.

While a shawl comes from less material and you are supposed to wear it on all the four corners hanging in front of you.

If you live in an orthodox community like me, traditional style may include suite. The broad swath of fabric is wrapped around a family.

The shawl styles give one more room for movement because it is small. If you are that kind of guy who likes dancing while praying, this is the size you are looking for.

Like any clothing, the best way to know if it will fit you is to try them. Try both shawl and a traditional tallit. Keep note of how you feel inside them. Try to imagine how you will feel inside the Tallit during your bat or bar Mitzvah event.

Be Yourself

Like I said earlier.

Tallit is an emotional period; for that reason, you will have well-meaning voices trying to get your attention in each decision.

It can be everything from the choice of dress, to the selection of food, to the decorations of your attire.

Well, the decision to choose a tallit, the size, the color, and the decorations rest on you. You may receive several pieces of advice about each and everything from friends and family who wants the best for you.

Well, the pieces of advice and wisdom help, but at the end trust your guts. A tallit is something you will wear for the rest of your life.

That means the dressing you have to choose has to be something that excites you internally. Always keep that mind. Your family and friends will help you prepare for the events, but some decisions like the choice of a tallit rest on your thoughts and wisdom.

Find A Well-Meaning Connection

It’s okay to admit.

A tallit is a special event in a young child. Some who want this event to carry special meaning always find a connection.

For instance, you may decide to wear old tallit from one of your relatives. Well, doing this will not only bring joy to your life, but it will also strengthen the bond you two have across generations.

While this situation is not new, it can carry a sense of belonging, and it also makes one appreciate their story of family history.

Wearing an old tallit may have an impact on one’s Jewish identity.

But that’s not the only to find a connection in a tallit.

You can also find a connection in a silk tallit. Using certain colors or patterns can bring memories and give you a sense of personality and view of life.

Sometimes the choice of your tallit will come from inspired stories of the person who made for you the tallit. Here you have an option to work with an artist whose talent and work you believe. You can also find a tallit on Galileesilks Israeli quality talits

Keep in mind that there are many ways of finding a connection for your tallit. The important thing is to find one that you care and cherish. That way when you wear it, you feel proud when reciting the prayer.

Choice of Material

Do you know what fabric to use? Are there forbidden fabrics?

You need to avoid linen.

According to the biblical commandment (Deuteronomy 22:11), combining linen and wool in the same garment is wrong.

That combination is called Shatnez. Almost all tzitzit strings come from wool, that means, you need to avoid making the body of any tallit using linen.

For those you who want to adhere to the strictest interpretation of Jewish teaching, choose wool. If you read Torah, there’s one commandment about tzitzit strings which appears after the verse about never mixing linen and wool. You can find this in Deuteronomy 22:11:12.

So under the strictest interpretation of Jewish law, the only fabric you can use to fulfill the commandment of tying the tzitzit is wool or linen.

But since linen won’t be ideal in this situation because of Shatnez issues, wool is the only remaining material that you will have to consider.

The Choice of Tallit Colors

They are lots of colors you can choose for your Tallit. And the best part is, all these colors are Kutcher and Mehudar which are in line with the Jewish law.

  • Black stripes– The Ashkenazic communities love to wear this because it is accepted there.
  • White Stripes– For Sephardim. Also, their Atara comes from wool.
  • Very broad black stripes–those who live in Yemen, love this kind of outfit.
  • Stripes of different colors- It is a more beautiful tallit, usually in a blue, gray, or silk stripes.

The choice of colors will depend on your preferences and where you stay. Out of all these choices you have, what if you can’t find something unique for you?

Well, you have the option of making your own. You can start from scratch and sew your tallit. Sometimes you can buy a kit that provides all the necessary parts and allows you to pieces everything together.

I know how planning for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a stressful thing. Choosing a tallit is stressful likewise. But if you plan well. Trust me on this; everything will work out fine.

With the help of your parents, everyone will be involved in every step. Focus on the importance of the event and choose the best Tallit that you admire and carries special meaning in your life.

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