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Tech Forward: Simple Tricks to Help Improve Internet Speeds At Home

Tech Forward: Simple Tricks to Help Improve Internet Speeds At Home

Australians want faster Internet to enjoy browsing without interruptions. Sometimes faster Internet is just too expensive, but there are other times when the speed is not ideal because you have not taken the right steps. The following are a few tricks that should help optimize speed at home.

Clear Signal Line

Most people know that having several devices on the Internet can slow it down, but some overlook how sluggish the web can get with interference. What you can do is make sure there are no walls, floors, or appliances between the router and the device you are using. This is a relatively easy fix but one that some fail to pay attention to, so try to clear a clean path for your Wi-Fi signal. Keep in mind that distance also affects speed, so stay as close to the router as you can.

Out With the Old

It is easy to ignore updates for a number of reasons. Sometimes you do not want to be interrupted while you are surfing the web, or maybe you do not want to fork out the cash to update software or hardware. Australians pay more for electronics than citizens of other countries, so skipping upgrades does make sense. Skipping updates can work out for a while, but your luck is going to run out, which is when your Internet speed starts to suffer. It is important that you do software updates and purchase up-to-date hardware when necessary to optimize your speeds.

Genuine Speeds

Sure, your Internet speed could be in the dumps because of something you are doing or not doing, but it could also deal with your provider. It may be time to compare your average speeds with the speed promised by your provider. The average speeds should be close to what the company advertised, or there may be a problem. Finding a large gap between these numbers should tell you it is time to consider other Internet service providers that may give you what they promise. Some individuals call their providers to see if the issue can be resolved though it is hard to trust a company providing lower speeds than what was agreed upon, which is a problem some Australians are having.

Amplification Works

Those with a large home probably cannot do much about appliances or walls separating them from the router. Do not fret about this; there are Wi-Fi extenders to help ensure that every part of the house gets optimal signals. These extenders help amplify the signal coming out of your router, which should help speed things up. Now, it is important to make sure that the extender is compatible with the router before purchasing one of these devices. This is the reason talking to an Internet service provider representative would be a good idea. The representative should be able to recommend some effective devices that should make your home Internet life a bit nicer.

Malware and Viruses

The speed you enjoy can be greatly reduced if you have a virus or malware. Both of these infections need to be addressed as soon as possible, but they are hard to detect. Sometimes the only sign you have is sluggish Internet, so consider having your system checked by a professional, or run your antivirus and malware software to see if something is wrong. Remember that the software that catches these infections needs to be updated. Infections are created all the time, which makes updated malware and virus programs vital to ensure these programs have the information needed to find even the newest infections.


These are just some things you can do or address in order to speed up your Internet at home. It may also be a good idea to talk to your provider to see if you need more data, should your data needs exceed the plan you are currently on. Hopefully, some of these tips help you navigate the web the way you want to.



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