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Technological Transformation Of The World

Technological Transformation Of The World


As time goes on it seems that technology is getting increasingly personalised, with tablets and phones being created to serve the specific needs of each and every user individually. This has been enabled by the growing mass of data that we can gather, process and share with others. With modern information technology, we as a society have the chance to redefine the manner in which individuals handle their everyday lives. This same knowledge can be put to use on a bigger scale by massively altering the way transport, healthcare and education are being dealt with in cities.

A New Network

Communities can distribute information amongst themselves and the world at large, improve services and raise people’s standard of living. What happens with this information will have an impact on every aspect of how our society is run. One of the greatest opportunities presented by new IT technology is the ability to control utility networks inside cities, the design of a smart energy grid being one example. If those operating the grid can gather sufficiently detailed data about activity within the grid, it’ll be possible for them to run it in a more efficient manner, cutting down costs and delivering services to citizens where they’re really needed, whilst presenting the best offers by Casumo Casino. Data flow visualisations could use sensors to help put together a real time display of energy flow within a city, helping operators troubleshoot more easily. In the event of a sudden surge of energy usage, or in case of parts of the grid sustaining damage or malfunction, power could be instantly rerouted to protect against blackouts. Individuals could also help to contribute to the smart grid if they were generating excess energy from their own supplies, like wind turbines or solar panels.

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Cities Of The Future

In the city of Rio De Janeiro, such an idea is becoming a reality with the construction of a centralised, hi-tech control room design to collect information from more than 30 city departments: this has allowed operators to combine up to date meteorological information with emergency services data to help first responders stay one step ahead of the chaos when dealing with cataclysms. Essential in an urban area often beset by regular flooding. Data can also be used to help try and fine-tune the way a city’s residents behave. In the city of Doha in Qatar, a new information and computer technology (ICT) framework is being established to ensure that no citizen is ever far from access to the most up to date information about how to move efficiently around the city. 

Brave New World

The surfeit of data we’re now generating that can be stored for posterity is also having a huge impact on a wide variety of business markets. Massive corporations are using data-mining as the foundation for their business models. Big metropolises with a plugged in populace like New York and London are often the first to have the latest technology trialled on their populations. As long as individuals, and not just corporations, can enjoy the benefits of our new data-fueled landscapes, we can look forward to a world of the future where individuals, governments and business all work in a synergistic exchange of information to make everybody’s life better and more efficient.


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