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Technology That Saves Time and Money for a Company

Technology That Saves Time and Money for a Company

How does technology save money and time for business owners? There are many ways, but some of the newest variations on the theme are not only ingenious but have started a trend toward enhanced efficiency in several fields. Trucking, human resource management, customer relations, long-term planning, and budgeting are just a few of the disciplines that rely on high-tech solutions for everyday problems. Here are some of the ways that businesses are opting for high-tech answers to very old challenges.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the centerpiece of any successful for-profit organization. Software is what does the heavy lifting these days, and the retail arena is full of contenders who want a piece of the action. Competition means good things for the business owners who want the best CRM software, and new features arrive on the global marketplace with regularity. In fact, for budget-strapped startups, there are freeware versions that can meet the needs of smaller companies. And even for entities that grow past that stage, many of the top CRM software products are low-cost affairs that are both user-friendly and powerful. Most CRM programs provide a wealth of data on customers, help anticipate sales trends, and offer automated follow-up messages that go directly to current customers.

Fleet Management Systems

Companies of all sizes rely on fleet management technology to track cargo, plan efficient routes, keep tabs on the number of driving hours per operator, collect data on dozens of different parameters, and more. An easy way to learn the basics of modern fleet systems is to review an online guide about how many hours a truck driver can drive, as well as dozens of other things the technology can measure. Today’s sophisticated fleet management programs, devices, and software are mandated by many insurance firms, local ordinances, and various jurisdictions. Besides, company owners realize that the science behind fleet management is sound. Not only is it instantly cost effective, but it makes drivers safer, saves fuel, creates smarter routes, and is an all-around winner for management teams that oversee vehicle fleets.

Applicant Tracking Systems for Hiring

If you’ve applied for a job lately, you have interacted with an ATS (applicant tracking system), whether you knew it at the time or not. ATS programs are everywhere, primarily among company HR departments that recruit via online forms. What do ATS software programs do? For starters, they serve as very smart bots that scan résumés for key words. That way, hiring managers can instantly evaluate hundreds or even thousands of documents for best match status. The ATS can be set up to give each résumé a numerical rank based on how well keywords in the document match skills needed for the job, and any number of other requirements.

AI For Long-Term Planning

Some of the most sophisticated software programs in use today help upper-level managers and owners create long range plans. The applications are highly interactive and take a bit of getting used to, but they have the ability to build long-term mission statements, financial goals, and more.


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